Chapter 1833 Conflicts of Interest

One look at Mark’s stormy expression prompted Jackson to quickly cup his hand over Tiffany’s mouth. “—I mean, people say the sh*ttiest things everywhere on the internet, riiiiight? Who needs you to remind us all about it? So how about we zip our lips on this one, honey, and move on to discussing the solution,” he quickly chimed in. “We didn’t wanna intervene at first, but Mark’s gotten dragged into it. It’s in all of our best interest to solve this as soon as possible, because as it stands, this is seriously staining Tremont Enterprise too much.”

Mark let out a steely sneer. “And the world never changes. Who cares about evidence or proof? All it takes to damn anyone to death is a someone’s piehole. But I’m not just any weakling who can be taken down by some unfounded rumor, and good luck on getting me to care about Rodriguez’s abduction,” he bristled. “Why should I squander my effort in saving him—what, just to prove that I’m innocent? I’m already innocent, for God’s sake, whether I h
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