Jordan was getting sick with evey second that passed since he'd discovered that JoJo had left.

She wasn't returning any of his calls or texts or the numerous voicemails he'd left he was veering close to the end of his patience.

That feeling that something wasn't right kept curling and sitting heavy in his gut and he knew it had everything to do with the mystery person she suddenly had to go see.

And it also had to do with the fact that he had no idea where she was.

He'd really messed up this time and she didn't look about ready to listen to his excuses.

He should have called her, should have kept his promise to her.

But he didn't and it's back to bite.

He'd had his reasons but now, they didn't sound about worth it.

"Are you worried because of Jocie?" 

Riley's small voice pulled him out of his head and he lowered his eyes to loo

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