Chapter 12 Outsiders Know Best

The nightlife in Pearl City became livelier as the skies darkened.

The moment Jude and Eric entered the Soho bar, they were met with booming music from all directions.

Numerous men and women were twisting, turning, swaying, and shaking their bodies on the dance floor. Under the dim, multi-colored lights, they looked more like a bunch of socially undesirables dancing wildly into the night.

Jude and Eric attracted intense attention as soon as they stepped through the door.

Their outstanding appearances, graceful manners, and extraordinary temperament were very attractive to women. The women stare at them brazenly, trying to seduce them with their eyes.

"Tsk. Jude, look at the women around us. They look like they're ready to eat you alive."

Jude chuckled. "That man to your right looks all right. He's been staring at you since you came in. Why don't you go play with him?"

The two of them joked around. They didn't request a private lounge and sat down at the bar instead.

Those who w
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