Chapter 11: SPY

Aisha POV:

“Are you Ok Aisha?” Inspector Vivan questioned me and extended his hand to help me up “I.. I…. a.. am chased..” I shuttered every word trying to calm my breathing, meanwhile I took his hand as stood up but  lost balance because of my Jello legs and ended up falling on his chest, to my surprise he wrapped his both arms around my waist and started rubbing my back “Shh… its ok , its ok , I am here, relax !” he said all smoothening words holding me tight in his embrace, after spending 2 minutes in his hug I withdraw myself and looked up to him “Wow..” he said in soft voice as our eyes meet however I ignored his word’s for time being “Someone just tried to kill me” I said in panic state “I received a letter yesterday to meet someone here, and as I did

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