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"Uh,do you have a minute please!" She was standing in front of him"Go away I don't have time for your little games Aisha" He was pissed off."Can we talk for a minute please, it's very important" Her tender voice made him stop in between his action, he got up from his bed and asked his mistress who was lying naked on his bed to leave them alone , She followed his order and went out with her clothes in her hand."Make it fast!" he said standing in front of her in his naked glory, His hard glare was enough to make her shiver, Aisha turned her face to avoid looking at his privates."I..I Don’t.. I don’t want a divorce!" No sooner did she said that she received a tight slap across her face, printing all five fingers on her fair cheek.Pushing her roughly he walked out of not before remarking, "My work with you is done and now I want you out of my Life, get that straight in your thick Skull..!!"_______RAVAN is ruthless, cruel and vicious Underworld Mafia in India, his dark aura is well known to every individual, even law is scared to go against him, he solely rules on every gangster of India, RAVAN had forcefully married Aisha against her will, he was smitten by her beauty and boldness, however shortly after their marriage he changed his mind and now want a divorce from herBut little did he know that his wife had fallen head over heels for him and now she will make anything to tame him— his entire world is about to turned upside down.-CONTAINS MATURE CONTENT (18+), STRONG ABUSE AND WHOLE LOT OF TORTURE ACTS. KINDLY READ AT YOUR OWN RISK.

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66 Chapters
Ravan:  Greek god like body and sharp facial features , anybody would mistake him for being a super model however he is a killing machine, he is ruthless, brutal, cold and heartless who shows no mercy on his prey, he makes them suffer before killing them in deadliest way possible, Ravan Works for the only mafia in India Shabbir Shaikh, who solely owns whole underworld of India, Ravan runs every illegal bushiness of shabbir from extortion, Drugs smuggling, human trafficking , international smuggling to even KILLING , Every gangster wets their pants just hearing Ravan’s name, Every politician is under his command, police fears to even lodge an complaints against him, Media avoid every news related to him for fear of their family safety, Ravan was Devil under human skin, Ravan was working with shabbir from last fifteen years when he took his first step into these
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Chapter 1: Phone Call
Third Person POV:India a country where dreams comes true, a country which is defined by cultural diversity, which is renowned for its cuisine, technology, festivals, prestige and colorful traditions however from past few years India was slowly disappearing under darkness, it was suffering from growing crimes rates and increase in underworld activities, there was a havoc created by many gangsters all over country , many illegal’s activities and crime which were slowly draining it beauty and value but most dangerous part of it was that every gangster from every corner of India was ruled by just one single person and he was demon himself he was “RAVAN”.Aisha POV:
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Chapter 2- Heart attack
Aisha POV:‘He hung up the call’ I spoke in my mind, I kept staring at my phone screen in haze mind when a Porsche came and stopped in front of me  “babe get in….” Michael said peeking through passenger side window, I hoped in his car and we drive off “Is everything fine?” Michael spoke with concern look “AAhmm… Not sure, I called my Mom but she didn’t respond so I called papa and…” I spoke “And what?” Michael questioned staring at road ahead “And someone named RAVAN responded through his phone” I replied “RAVAN? What kind of name is that?” Michael questioned with amused smile “well, I am not 100% sure but it is an Indian Mythological character from Ramayan ?” I replied “Okeis……….. well tha
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Chapter 3: India
Third Person POV:Two weeks had passed since Aisha was informed about her parents death, she was completely devastated, Aisha wanted to travel India just to take a last glimpse of her parents however she was not allowed by her grandparents, her grandmother was also discharged just 5 days back and was now on complete bed rest, her grandfather had arranged a personal nurse to take care of his wife  and also a maid to take care of their household chores, with every passing day Aisha was growing reckless to know reason for her parents death however her grandfather denied to inform her anything more about it, on 12th day of his son and daughter in law death Aisha grandfather perform a ritual as per Hindu tradition near a small pond, Aisha had also accompanied him on that day, after completing ritual when Aisha was heading back with her
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Chapter 4 : RAVAN
Aisha POV:As planned Jess helped me, I explained her my whole situation and she agreed to help me lying to my grandparents till I come back from India, Today was the most difficult day of my life, I was in my room packing all my stuff when my Dada (Grandfather) came in , I felt his presence behind me and turned my heads towards him, I saw pure sadness in him when our eyes meet “How you will be there on your own Aishu?” he spoke softly by standing at my door, I was taken aback by his question “Don’t worry dada, I’ll be fine and you know I am not alone, I do have many acquaintances from my batch right!” I lied forcing a weak smile and walked towards my door and gave him a warm and assuring hug, we both were in our own turmoil when I suddenly felt something wet on my shoulder, I turned my head left to see tears were flowing down from my dada’s eye
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Chapter 5: Face to Face
Third person POV:After Ravan and his men’s left, police called an ambulance who cleared dead bodies and their butchered heads of the road and opened the road block, as soon as road was cleared aisha’s Taxi driver quickly made his way to ‘Hilton garden Inn Lucknow’ and dropped Aisha where she paid him 15K for his service. It was almost midnight when Aisha checked in, she immediately called her grandparents and lie to them about her arrival at camp, after having a short talk she quickly hung call to avoid lying more. Aisha was still in shock thinking about the murder that she had witnessed just few hours back, she felt tired and scared thinking about it and went straight to her bed ,pulling her quilt up she allowed sl
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Chapter 6: Police station
Aisha POV:“What the Fuc….” I spoke in my mind “Why is my luck so creepy that out of all people, he is the one who has to come and help me….” I added speaking in my mind, I did not realized that I was staring at him until he gently touched my neck which I was 100% sure was now printed with my attacker fingerprints, I felt a sudden spark run up in my whole body as soon our skin’s were in touch with each other “Is he carrying electricity in his fingers?” my sub conscious spoke to me, my breathing hitched as I followed his eyes and noticed he was intently staring on my smooth wheatish colored neck, his fingers were softly caressing my attacker marks on my skin , in that moment he suddenly looked up and our eyes were again locked at each other, I noticed his eyes were in deep shade of brown surrounded with thick lashes, his facial stru
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Chapter 7: Not an accident but a Murder
Third person POV:Aisha was startled to know that ‘DGP Mr. Manohar Tyagi’ was dead, she had not expected this information, her initiative to figure out about her parents seem to be again thrown back to starting point, senior Inspector ‘Vivaan’ asked Aisha to follow him in his cabin where she sat quietly opposite to Inspector Vivaan “You didn’t told me why are you looking for ‘Manohar Tyagi’? Inspector Vivan questioned “well he knew my parents, I was actually looking for him just to know few detail about my parents” Aisha informed him innocently “Where are you parents?” Vivan questioned with a raised eyebrow “Th.. They passed away in an accident few weeks back” Aisha informed “Oh.. am really sorry for asking, could you tell me what were their name?” Vivaan questioned her again, Aisha was quite for some time before she opened her mouth “Samuel and Amrita Millers” she said I low tone “The one from New York” Vivaan added and Aisha quickly turned her full attention towards Vivaan “You know
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Chapter 8: Restaurant
Ravan POV:She is here standing right in front of me ‘My Ocean’, Today in morning I was out to get one deal done for my godfather shabbier Shaikh, when I saw a hustle going on footpath on opposite side of the road while waiting in traffic, I did not paid any attention to it as it was extremely common thing in Lucknow, Some stupid girl was being harassed by few low life goons who were linked with my gang name and like always everyone else were busy watching the free show that was being displayed like a fucking pathetic looser, we rule Lucknow and not just lucknow but whole India or to be more specific “I” rule INDIA and anyone to everyone who are associated with my name need not to fear anything neither law nor an opposition, I was ruler of Indian Mafia, every single Don from every part of India was under my rule, I had created my dominance on whole Indian Mafia a
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Chapter 9 : Brutality
Aisha POV:‘Oh..Jesus, what is happening with me today’ I spoke to my heavenly father as Ravan continued to drag me out with him, we got out of restaurant where I was able to see a luxurious white BMW with four black beast jeeps, with several unknown men’s standing around them all dressed in horrible clothing “Are they his men’s, like men’s from his squad?” I questioned myself in mind keenly staring at all of them trying to figure out the situation when suddenly ‘OH BOY!’ My sub conscious alerted me as I saw three goons from earlier this morning who tried to molest me in public and end up receiving a tight slap and beating from Ravan, few men’s of Ravan squad literally made them all kneel down on street in front of us ‘What the hell is going on his mind?’ I questioned myself with a raised eyebrow looking at those th
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