Chapter 64: Ending Part - 1

5 years later

Aisha POV:

“Is everything fine doctor?” I questioned Mrs. Hazel my gynecologist, who was now busy checking my vagina “There is nothing much to worry Aisha… But tell me one thing did you and your husband had rough sex last night?” She suddenly questioned totally catching me off guard, which certainly heated my both cheek in embarrassment “Aahhh… it was, like usual” I told her with extreme blush and shy voice “Dear… your normal is very hard and I can tell that by looking at your swollen Clit” She said in her professional tone “But nothing to worry, I am prescribing you few table and gel for soothing… Okay” She added with smile and pulled out her tools from my core which she was using to check me from inside &l

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oh yes they are :)
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Hey I have a question..are Ravan and randhir same??

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