Chapter 12: First orgasm

Ravan POV:

She was there standing right in front of me completely wet and smelling heavenly, her lavender fragrances was driving me crazy, if she would have been any other women I wouldn’t have kept my patience to take her down right here on this floor and fuck her senselessly , but not ‘my ocean’ her blue orb were darker due to blush that had erupted on her cheeks, I was completely hypnotized by her beauty ‘she was like my Aphrodite’, I was busy checking her up and down when my eyes fall on her moving lips and I was lost…. I was lost COMPLETELY when I saw her pink, moist lips, she was saying something but nothing was falling on my ears, even my own demon was calmed and without giving any other thought I rushed towards her, pressing her against wall behind I kissed her wet ,plump and warm pink lips, her tiny waist was fitting perfectly in my arms, I

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