2. After Player

We were slow dancing to the rave beats for the longest time. Her body was glued to mine and I didn't want to peel myself off of her.

"You know that people might think we're crazy slow dancing to this kind of music."

"Yeah, we should probably go. You want to get out of here?" she asked smiling sweetly at me.

Yeah...obviously anywhere but here...

My friends and brother were long gone with her friends and both of our rides.

The cool night air greeted us when we reached outside the club. She was still putting on her coat.

"Ms. Dixon, please allow me...Mr. Shane Gregory our owner, would like to provide you with our complimentary ride to any place of your choosing....evening Mr. Mills."

It was Tommy the bouncer, he was opening the backseat door to a sleek black SUV.

"Thomas." I nodded at him but said nothing more.

"So, Mr. Mills...where to now that we have our ride?" She circled her hand on the crook of my arm.

I pulled her in and whispered in her ear, intentionally trying to make her want me more than she would take me back.

"Up to you Ms. Dixon, I'm giving this night for you."

Then I ended my words by slowly trailing my kisses to her cheek, close enough that it reached the end of her lips. But I retreated myself back when I feel that she wanted more.


"My place it is then." She sighed looking at me with her lustful eyes.

I let her inform the driver of our destination, then let her relaxed back in my arms.

"So, I've never seen you at Players before. Not that we're a regular, but still..."

She quietly sighed as my hand trail to her thigh, caressing her naked skin just before the end of her dress.

"Been busy, work..."

"Yeah, modeling you said?"

"Uh-huh...very tough and demanding work," I said smirking, while I keep on looking at her. We were playing our little seduction game as if we have all the time in the world.

She laughed at my explanation knowingly. I never did like to tell them about my surfing thing. I'd like my one-night stands to know the shallow and fun part side of myself, rather than them knowing about my worldwide championship reigning career.

No hassle, no attachment.

I was going down that road again, after spending eight months working hard on an already doomed relationship. I was blaming mom obviously for setting me up with her. But I know, I was to blame too by letting her latched herself to me.

Myra was one of that leggy modelesque women, with soft beautiful features perfect for magazine covers.

She was tolerable for the first few months, then she started telling me how her friends' boyfriends were gifting the girls jewelry, and she wanted me to do the same. At first, I was playing along with her, but then she needed more than my money.

She needed my time, saying that I didn't spend enough time with her. And that was when our vacations abroad start to mess with my training. I almost lost my title, if it wasn't for my good luck that my highest contender was suddenly involved in an accident and break his ankle.

"Come, let me show you my place and you can show me something else."

The car stopped in front of a medium-size apartment complex in a nice secluded neighborhood. I was liking the place already.

We were kissing all the way up to her place, it was a nice cozy sizeable studio apartment. Nothing personal, it felt kind of distant but maybe that was just her preference.


"Sshh...I've been wanting to kiss you properly all night." I was playfully biting her neck and caressing her nipples, the moment we stepped into her place.

"I need to go to the ladies..." she giggled to my kisses.

I let her go to the bathroom, while she told me to take a seat and make myself at home.

"Can I make our coffee?"

"Yeah's all on the shelf above the coffee maker, milk is on the fridge." She shouted on her way to the bathroom.

I let her do her thing while I make our coffee. Minutes went by when she finally appeared in her shorts and an oversize t-shirt.

Okay...must be some new fantasy I've been missing out on in the last couple of months.

She was walking towards me with a fresh face, clear from all the makeup and she was even more beautiful. I don't know how long I could hold myself from her.

"So, turns out I got my period..."

She must've seen my face when she let out her laughter and patted my cheek.

"Yup...exactly that. Look, I understand if you want to leave." She looked at me with a non-readable expression. But there was something in her that made me shake my head and pointed to the coffee.

"Nope, I already made the coffee, at least you can let me stay and enjoy it? We can talk while doing some PG thirteen stuff?.." I said, but already poured my black coffee and added a teaspoon of sugar.

She was doing the exact same thing to her coffee.


Myra hated black coffee saying that it would stain her teeth.

Wait, why am I even thinking about that leech?

"... I have things to do in the morning anyway I need my beauty sleep in a couple of more hours. But I still like kissing have the sexiest edible lips."

She smiled, then take my hand and her coffee on the other. We were finally seated while watching some random late-night news with a very small volume.

"Now that you know I'm a model, will you share what do you do on your daily basis? I'm not going to stalk you I promise."

She laughed and slowly drink her coffee.

"I'm in finance, it's a boring industry yours is much more exciting. Obviously more beautiful people."

She was tracing her hand along my jawline and finally pulled me down to kiss her.

She was moaning my name, and I was taking off her shirt and trailing my kisses down to her nipples.

"Allen!" she cursed arching her back for more.

"You know I haven't done this in years...just the making out thing...I think... this...would be....very...interesting."

I was kissing her deep and trailing my hands all over her body, while she let me pleasure her and edge her repeatedly.

"This is definitely not good for me..." she moaned her words making me chuckle, and I eventually peeled myself away from her.

We spend hours talking and kissing each other on and off until dawn was peeking from her window.

"I had never spent this much time talking and making out before. But I think I extended our coffee time far too long already. I should get back and let you rest."

"Okay..." she was breathless, her lips were slowen sexily.

"Can I have your number?"

"I thought this was supposed to be a one-night thing?"

But she smirked and type in her number before we said our goodbyes. Sam had arrived already at the parking lot, waiting for me.

"Where to Sir?"

"Home Sam, I need to get my things than straight to the beach house. And stop with the Sir, I feel so old. It's Allen. Please."

"Yes, of course."

I rest my head to the back seat and close my eyes to only see her, in my short distance drive sleeping to the house.

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