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Zack Zekyle ZORNZON POV***

Zack Zekyle Zornzon, Was my name. The way I act and think is bad. I'm arrogant, selfish, and don't care about anyone else. It's because of my father that I hate the world. When my mom left, I started to hate my father from the moment she did. Because he gives up looking for her so quickly. I show that he doesn't want to look for her when he brings his new family over. I think my mom left because she found out that my father was having an affair with another woman.

Can't blame my mother. If I were her, I'd do the same. Why? Because when you see your husband with another woman and think that they already have a child who is only two or three years younger than you, you'll burst like a bomb!

I woke up in a new bed, naked. To pick up my clothes, I did it one by one. They were all over the room.

My head is sore. With my friends, I got drunk last night, and yay! I met two hot girls and now they are naked on the bed. There are still a lot of girls who are still asleep in this bed, but I need to get out of here as soon as possible before they wake up. Sure as hell, I can't make my last run. Because they are sure to eat me again. Hahaha! Of course, not in this way.

I'm only sixteen years old, but there are a lot of things that I can do that an old guy is only allowed to do. Nobody cares. I'm the heir of the most powerful wolf family in the country. Also, I have a beautiful face and a figure that every girl wants. As a sixteen-year-old, I was still able to get some abs. I think this is because I trained every day. With my six-foot height, they can't tell how old I am.

My horse was already moving when a minute had passed. I was going to go home first, then rest for a while before going to school. I tied my horse to my dad's horse. Then, is Dad still there? It was already seven o'clock when I checked my watch. Why does he keep coming back? But I just shrugged and didn't pay attention. I don't even care about him.

My dad hit me right away when I came into the house. I didn't expect that to happen.

"Fuck! What the heck? "

I swear right away. My tongue just slipped. Who won't curse? I just got here, and the first thing I got was a punch. "Seriously?" What is this bullshit?

"At last, your home!" My dad said sarcastically and sat on the chair after he punched me. I shook my head and said...

I said sarcastically and smirked. If he thinks that I would be afraid of that, he's completely wrong. I would not be afraid at all. Another punch from my dad. So I look at him with such anger. and close my fist.

"Now what?" You'll fight back! I don't bring you to this world to destroy and damage our name! But you still do it over and over again!" My dad grabbed some newspapers and threw them in front of me, so I could see them. Whenever I read the title, I just have to smile.

Quite a few paparazzi are following me even though I'm not even an actor. Fiddle with them all! The front page is where my friends and I are. We are all at the same time punching and kicking the guardian (a guardian is a wolf that keeps our world safe; they are powerful). I have a lot of friends and we both have different abilities.

It was his fault. I say it by myself. We were driving our horses too fast because he told us that we were going too fast, so Is he serious? So, I don't even know that we are flying. We mostly drive like that. When he said that I was going too fast, I wasn't even taking any drugs at the time. Because I didn't kill him, he should be grateful.

"Is that all your problem? I've been punched  because of that?" Thumbs up!

I did a lot of bad things worse than that. I whisper.

"I'm tired. Are you done punching me?" I spoke with a bored voice.

I think that dad is holding on to me because his fist is very tight. This means that he might want to hit me again. Because of so much frustration. 'tsk'

Get angry for as long as you want. I whisper again.

I turned away from him. I saw his second wife looking at me with anger.

My grandfather's decisions have not changed, even though they were angry at him at the time. I will be the next person in line to the throne of our family, the firstborn son. And besides, I'm the legitimate ZORNZON and not Zeth, my half-brother.

I decided to go to school because I was tired of being here and didn't want to stay. Instead of planning to skip my first class, I decided to go to school and look for a better place to sleep. They've made me bored and angry here.

As I was riding my horse, I saw a beautiful girl. She was my type, so I stopped my horse in front of her and asked her to have some fun with me. And we ended up in the forest. I smirked because she didn't give me a hard time. She takes off her underwear right away for me. "Fuck your nice ass." The girl flirted with me, smiled at me, and kissed me when she saw me.

But in the middle of heaven, I saw a girl who was wearing a hood and was obviously gaping at us. Because of that, I got excited and held the girl's waist firmly and gave her hard and rough sex. But then Miss Hoody ran away. I smiled and finished what I had been doing and after that, I left the girl smiling and drove my horse fast. She was still running when I saw her. Tsk, you're too slow.

In order for us to bump into each other, I made sure I was the first person to enter the school.

"Hey stupid, are you blind?"

"Wohh look who's there, it's Miss Hoody. You didn't like what you saw earlier? Why did you run away?" :) I said, and I can't hide how excited I am.

The girl is stooping and I can't see her face but I can see that her body is shaking. She must be because she bumps into the most notorious guy in this school. And this attention is annoying. Besides, I'm not horny because the girl before did a good job. But I'm sorry for her. : I smirked, grabbed her, and held her head up.

"Woah look who's who!" I was surprised that I bumped into the most sinful wolf in history, or is she a wolf? People say she doesn't have a single power. She doesn't say a word as she looks at me. Is she deaf? As soon as I saw this girl, I grabbed her and hauled her away. Then, I went to my room and maybe thought about what I should do with this girl.

I heard her beg, but obviously I didn't pay attention to her. I don't want to talk right now. I'm tired.

She's having a hard time, and I'm even more angry at her. So I forced myself to talk, so I talked.

"Stay still and don't force me to hurt you more, from gripping your wrist."

She is shaking and crying. Did she know that she only makes me more annoyed by doing that?

"What are you doing, Zack?" I look at Samuel Rex Sorjon, the one and only student that doesn't have fear in me. And every time I saw him, I wanted to wrench his neck.

SORJON is the second most powerful clan, but I don't care if my clan is number one.

He must thank the "elder"

Elder is the most important person in every clan.

for conducting some stupid rules, and one of them is that you can't pick a fight if it's not a serious matter. And I guess a simple fight like this is not counted.

As I look at Samuel, the girl runs away, but I'm faster than her. I tried to grab her hair, but I only grabbed the ribbon. Her long, black, shiny hair was scattered all over. And the air was blown away and filled the place with her floral scent.

She looked around and was scared. But my heart stops for a second. I can't move and I'm shocked.

What is this? My heart made of rock is beating. I can sense it. Wait? Do I have a heart? I didn't expect that. Hahaha...

In my eyes, she looks like an angel now. What is going on with me? I take a deep breath and move my feet slowly towards her. She does the same. In fact, even though she is going backward, she is going in the opposite direction.

So I yelled. "Stop!"

"No, just go." It's Samuel. Is he kidding me? Or did he want to taste some of my power?

I clear my throat and say...

"stop if you want to live.'' I will never do that. I want her to stay. I don't know. The reason I can't think clearly is because my head still hurts and I can't think clearly. All I know is that I want her to stay close to me. Then she has to, even if I use my power to scare her. She has to. Even if I pick a fight with this SORJON, I will gladly do that.

She stops right away.

Her smile was the most beautiful I'd ever seen. I swallow suddenly because of that. She looks right at me. And I'm mesmerized by it.

"Ok, what now?" She asks,

"U! "Come with me!" I swish my throat. And tell her what to do. She is behind me as I walk. We reach my room and I immediately open it. The noisy students and the shouting are gone right away. The moment they saw me.

Samuel talks to the old man behind him.

"Fix that Roco."

"Yes sir."

I think the door is broken again. Thanks to me, too.

I wouldn't even use one percent of my power. I walked straight into my chair and then looked at the girl because she was not following me, and you could see through her movements that she was doubting. Tap the chair next to me. With wide-eyed stares, look at her. If I scared her pants off so much.

And it looked like she didn't get it. "Stupid" I whisper. It didn't stop until her body moved and stooped again as she walked very close to me in fear again.

As soon as she was in front of me, I grabbed her wrist again and made her sit next to me. In the chair at my back, Samuel sat down and looked at my new toy with a smile on his face.

Did he smile at this girl?

Tsk... Why am I bothered?

"Everyone! She is now my slave. "My voice was heard all over the room." There was a moment when I saw her mouth open as if she was trying to say something.

He told the little wolf not to argue or else that was the last thing he could say to him.

The girl pouted... which made her even cuter...

She looks at me, and I laugh. But I can't figure out why my heart is beating so quickly.

Because she looks at me, smiles, or pouts. What is she doing to me? 

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