Chapter 71 Is Bianca Worth Only Half A Million?

They walked hand in hand through the office area, down the elevator, and out of the building. Luke opened the door for her. After she went inside, he turned around, frowned, and lit a cigarette.

The cool night breeze blew against the man's delicate facial features, but the heat from his body persisted.

From the first time he met her, his hormones were already raging. He remembered glancing at the basketball court and noticing her small face that aroused a protective desire within him. Not only was her body small, but she was underdeveloped and even seemed malnourished.

However, in the days to come, he realized that the only girl who kept flashing in his mind was the little girl who was underdeveloped in the junior high school next door. He did not take any interest in the well-developed girls in high school that were right in front of him.

Small towns were much more open-minded about puppy love than in big cities. The teacher would supervise and manage the teenage crushes, but not
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