Chapter 2616 They Were Biased

“Pierre, your grandpa and I will help you to handle this. The thing that matters the most now is that you can’t let the people from the Department of Justice and the police officers find you. Otherwise, it’s inconvenient for us to speak up for you,” said Madam Mallory. She could not expect the others to help them out.

Now, the CEO of Mallory Corporation was still Percy. The news of the two brothers not being on good terms had already spread. That was why Mallory Corporation was not affected by Pierre's matter at the moment.

It set Madam Mallory’s mind at ease knowing that the company was fine. At least she did not have to be up to her neck in problems while handling both sides.

Pierre narrowed his eyes. His mother only said that she would be helping him, but he could sense that there was no longer bias toward him in her voice. This implied that she approved of what Percy did.

It was Percy’s fault that he was in such a mess, but they said nothing about it. They claimed that they on
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