Chapter 2622 Arm-In-Arm With Luke

“I’m married, and I have kids.” What the male student said to her had already caught the attention of some students in the cafeteria. Luca felt awkward.

The male student widened his eyes. He shook his head, refusing to believe what Luca said. “How’s that possible? You look so young. How could it be?”

“Thank you for your compliment. But I’m married and I do have kids. Besides, I’ve been working for quite a long time. I’m not a student. My friend can testify for me.” Luca grabbed Vivian’s arm.

The male student turned to look at Vivian, seeking proof.

Vivian nodded and spoke in English with a stammer, “Yes. I can vouch for her. What she said is true.”

The expression on the male student’s face changed. He dared not believe that the young woman in front of him was not a student and that she was married with children…

The people around them were looking at him. Some of them were his classmates. The male student felt ashamed. He was in a hurry to save his dignity and said, “The universi
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