Chapter 4584

When Marianne heard this, her expression immediately became a little abnormal as she stammered and said, “Why should I find out more information about him?”

Shawn looked at Marianne and smiled as he said, “Marianne, you have to remember something. If you want a relationship between a man and a woman to develop well, you should not have the mentality of being vindictive and angry. If he cares for you, you have to respond better to him, and if he ignores you, you’ll have to bite the bullet and take the initiative to look for him. You cannot be angry and ignore him just because you’re feeling a little emotional!”

Having said that, Shawn then said again, “If he does not look for you and if you don’t look for him, or if you put on such a gesture if he comes looking for you, even if you are fated or were given the opportunity, it would all be in vain, then!”

Marianne instantly felt as if Shawn’s words were like knives stabbing her heart, but she was a strong woman, and she continued quibb
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For those of us who were counting, Fox helps break down, the many women and the rank of them. Right after Long breaks her phone. It’s a few chapters ahead

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