Who's The Loser Now?

Who's The Loser Now?

By:  JDHWS  Completed
Language: English
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Derek has led a hard life. He was always looked down upon, bullied, made to look weak. To make matters worse, he was kicked out of the family house after being falsely accused of doing something wrong. Just when he all thought this was the end, an unexpected twist turned his life around. Now in a better situation, what will Derek choose to do? Get revenge? Move on with life? What will he do? Questions like these are not easy to answer. How will Derek face them? Sequel, Who's the loser 2: The Don of Townsville, continues this unique novel.

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Sir Max
2023-05-20 08:00:14
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Very engaging. Can’t wait for your next book
2023-05-14 10:23:14
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nice novel to read wow
2023-04-07 05:58:10
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Darrell Beam
This a fun and enjoyable read! I recommend it!
2023-04-03 08:13:40
228 Chapters
Chapter 1
"You're FIRED!!" The voice of Derek's boss could be heard throught the whole office as Derek sat there, stunned beyond belief. "But boss! That was not my mistake! This was not my doing!" Derek had to defend himself this time. Throughout his employment, all his colleagues have picked on him and played politics because he was too nice a person. Even his boss enjoyed picking on him. Everyone in the office had time and again schemed against him to make him look bad in front of everyone in the office, including visitors. On this day, they had a VIP guest visiting the office. Derek's boss has always wanted to work with this VIP. As usual, Derek's colleagues set him up for failure. Derek had sent a copy of what was supposed to be the final draft of the partnership contract for his boss and the VIP to sign. What he didn't know was that the contract was shredded and placed back into the leather folder. "I don't care!!!! You caused this mess and embarassment!! Pack your stuff and leave!
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Chapter 2
In life, Derek had always been the victim. He was never accepted in any place and phase in his life.In school, Derek was always bullied and outcasted by his schoolmates just because they felt like it. The teachers were no better, punishing him for things that he didn't do wrong.At work, he was constantly picked on, not just in his last job but all jobs before that too.Even his adopted family and relatives would find ways to hold Derek back. This happened ever since Derek's adopted parents passed away when he was five years old.His adopted family, the Smith family, run a very successful business called DreamSmiths and lived in a big house in Townsville.The head of the family, Madam Louise Smith is mother of three sons, Dave, Raymond and Derek's adopted father Edward. Madam Louise is also grandmother to two grandsons: Charles and Mason from Dave and his wife Lois, and three granddaughters Chloe, Madison and Juri from Raymond and his wife Pam.After Derek's adopted father Edward and
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Chapter 3
Once Derek reached the nearest bus stop, which was at least a 30 minutes walk from the Smith mansion, he took a seat to rest his legs.Tears started flowing down his face. It was hard to blame him. In one day, Derek found himself jobless and homeless. Truly, at a young age of 25, Derek hit rock bottom and it was not his fault. A group of heartless people have held him down and treated him like trash. Like a loser.Suddenly, a Rolls Royce pulled up at the bus stop, the rear doors stopping right in front of where Derek was seated.The driver then opened his side door and stepped out of the Rolls Royce; he then opened the rear door facing Derek.A familiar figure was seated at the rear seat, surprising Derek."Wait a minute. I recognise you." said Derek. "Aren't you the VIP I saw earlier today at the office?""Yes that is correct. You must be Derek Smith. I'm Owen Beck, General Manager of Quinton Consortium." the VIP introduced himself.Still thinking about the incident earlier in the da
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Chapter 4
On the way to the Quinton mansion, Owen noticed that Derek was just staring out of the window of the Rolls Royce. He was curious about what Derek was thinking. "What's on your mind Derek?" "I have a lot of questions and thoughts running through my mind. I don't even know where to start." replied Derek. Owen understood his words and decided it was best to leave him be...until they reach the Quinton Mansion. After an hour's drive, they finally reached the Quinton Mansion, located at the western outskirts of Townsville. The Quinton Mansion itself is a marvel. Imagine a three-storey castle with rooms the size of a small apartment, complete with it's own en-suites, a kitchen with state-of-the-art equipment that Michelin-star chefs can only dream of, along with facilities like a swimming pool, a football field, a basketball court, a pool room, an in-built mini cinema and a garage the size of a duplex house filled with cars that only the 1% of the world's population can afford. "Master
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Chapter 5
Needless to say, Peter Quinton cringed, having to recall that fateful night that Derek was separated from him and his wife. Nonetheless the truth had to be told. "You were six months old when that night happened." began Peter Quinton. "We were all on the way back home from a dinner party when we were suddenly ambushed by a group of thugs." "While our security, lead by Owen, were fending off those thugs, we could hear some distinct shouting from them, one of which was 'Kill the Quinton family, including their baby!'" Peter Quinton had to pause for a moment as his eyes were starting to redden. Lea was seated at the edge of the bed, with tears forming up her eyes as well. "Back then, our business rivals were envious of our success in business; but we had no idea that they would be so ruthless and merciless..." continued Peter. "Thanks to Owen and the security team, we all managed to escape unharmed and made it back home safely. But your mother and I started to make plans to escape T
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Chapter 6
On the way, Derek looked at Owen and said, "I know I gave you two conditions earlier, one of which was not to call me Young Master. That condition still applies; call me Derek or Young Quinton instead." "Certainly, Derek. By the way, your suitcase is already in your new room. Still we have clothes in your closet for you to wear as you see fit." replied Owen, with a nice smile on his face. Once Derek reached his room, which was at the opposite side of his parents' room, he bidded Owen goodnight before entering. When Derek entered, his mouth instantly gaped open. There was a king-sized bed, a walk-in closet, a study table, an 80-inch mounted tv screen, a ensuite bath room complete with a gold-plated bath tub, a shower and a big ivory sink. 'Wow wow wow. This is what it's like to be a Quinton.' Derek thought. 'Well then, let's get settled.' It was easy for Derek to be overwhelmed by his new room. After all, back at the Smith house, he was forced to sleep in their store room and had
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Chapter 7
The sun shone brightly through the windows. The sun rays hit Derek's eyes so he had no choice but to wince and blink. 'A few minutes more please.' thought Derek. With good reason too. He slept like a baby for the first time in his life, on his king size bed. "Oh S***!!! I'm late for work!!" Derek jolted himself awake and for a brief moment, he was in a cold sweat. In that moment, it had not dawned on him that we was no longer Derek Smith; he is Derek Quinton. He thought he was going to be late for work and get bullied by his boss and colleagues. But he soon recalled the events of the day before and quickly calmed down. He remembered that he was fired from his job, thrown out of the Smith mansion, then picked up by Owen Beck to be reunited with his biological parents, the powerful Peter and Lea Quinton. 'That's right. I'm Derek Quinton now. No need to worry about an unrewarding job full of corrupt managers and ass-kissing workers. Nice.' thought Derek.At that point, heard a knock
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Chapter 8
Lea explained, "The Quinton Consortium is a collection of companies where we either own or have mast majority shares in. We don't invest blindly. Each company under the Quinton Consortium has a minimum net worth of at least $2 billion. We currently have 60 of the top 100 companies in Townsville and other cities around the world under the Quinton Consortium." Peter continued, "So you can imagine son, our Quinton family's net worth and value. Given your young age, your mum and I hope that you can take over our position soon." Derek listened intently with awe of his parents. He knew that they were rich and powerful but he had no idea the levels of wealth and power they actually have attained. But Derek is also quick witted and his mind works like a computer. While he was listening to his parents' explaination and wishes, he was already formulating a plan. "I know time is of the essence mum and dad; and someday I will be responsible enough to take over the whole consortium from you. I
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Chapter 9
Derek decided to wear his worn-out shoes that he had been wearing for the last two years. This is an additional step to disguise himself from his new found identity. To know who is worth his time or not, he knew he cannot reveal his true identity to the world just yet."Young Master!" a voice called out to him from the Quinton garage. Derek turned and saw the family driver, the same driver he saw the day before that picked him up from the bus stop. "Hi there. Just in time. I'll need a ride to the business district. Can you take me there?""Certainly, Young Master." replied the driver."Thanks a lot. By the way, how may I address you?" asked Derek."My name is Hector, Young Master. I've served the Quinton family as their driver for the last 30 years. I'm honoured to drive you around now Young Master.""Nice to know you, Hector. Oh wait, do you have Owen's number? I forgot to ask him for it. Send me his number and we'll get going." "Not a problem, Young Master. One moment please." Di
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Chapter 10
'Am I sticking out too much in the crowd? Maybe I should have worn something less casual.' Derek was looking around and started having second thoughts about his dress code. 'Maybe I'll get a couple of cheap suits just to blend in. I see a mall nearby. I'll go explore there.' Holding and sipping away on his cappucino, Derek then proceeded to the shopping mall named The BDT Mall. Inside, there were several men's clothing shops to choose from. Derek decided to window shop first to have a gauge of the prices in the business district. Needless to say, because the vast majority of the people are wearing business suits at the very least, they do not sell as cheap as Derek may think. 'Wow, the average price of the cheapest suits costs about $5,000. If I wasn't a Quinton, I can forget about coming to the HNW zone.' Derek thought in shock and awe. 'Ok this shop looks decent. I'll go in and have a look.' thought Derek. Before stepping in, he made sure to dispose of his finished cup of capp
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