All for the Money
All for the Money
Author: Angela Lynn Carver

Chapter 1

"So this is what it came down to?" Anthony remarked and looked at Faith with disgust. As if she was a piece of trash.

I guess I deserve it, Faith thought. It was never meant to be like this. She was never meant to stoop so low as to offer her body to this well-respected and powerful man that was standing in front of her. She was supposed to come to the office, work hard, and leave. The only interaction she was supposed to have with him was at the office when she occasionally brought him coffee and paperwork for him to sign.

But that's not how things turned out to be. Here she was, standing in front of him, asking him to spare her life.

She felt beaten, humiliated by her boss, but she couldn't blame anyone but herself. If she hadn't done what she did. If she hadn't stolen, things would've been much different.

Faith was the oldest of her two sisters and the breadwinner. Her middle sister Jody went out of state for an internship, and her younger sister was still in high school. Their father was suffering from a chronic illness that rendered him paralyzed. She had no choice but to take responsibility and support her family.

She was grateful to find a job as an office clerk at the DeMarco corporation. The pay wasn't outstanding, but it was good enough to feed her family, so she didn't complain.

She didn't meet Anthony DeMarco, the CEO of the company, right away. She only saw glimpses of him which were enough for her to feel flustered.

He was six foot 3 with broad shoulders and a muscular physique. His eyes were an intense shade of blue. So blue it reminded her of the ocean. He had an incredibly handsome face, but he never smiled. She wondered if he ever smiles for the woman he loved. The women in the office whispered about his good looks and serious demeanor, but Faith never participated in their gossip.

What was the point anyway? She wouldn't get a guy like that in a million years. Her features were ordinary. Anthony DeMarco was way out of her league.

His personal assistant Diana called for her one day. Diana was usually friendly with Faith, and they occasionally had lunch together.

"Hey, what's going on?" Faith wanted to know.

"So..this is awkward, but I need a huge favor from you," Diana said.

"From me? What can I do?" Faith asked.

"Well...the thing is, I have a family emergency, so I have to go to Florida for three months. I was supposed to find a temporary replacement for Mr. DeMarco, but things had been so hectic that I couldn't interview anyone properly," Diana said.

"And?" Faith urged her.

"I was thinking. Maybe you can do it?" Diana looked at her expectantly.

"Me?" Faith was shocked at her proposal. This would mean she had to be close to Anthony, and the thought itself was intimidating.

"Yes. Please, Faith? I don't trust anyone else, and Sir is very particular about everything. I know how efficient and organized you are, so you'll catch up in no time," Diana said. "Besides, you'll be getting extra money on your check for three whole months!" she chirped.

I suppose that sounds nice, Faith thought to herself.

On the day after Diana's departure, Faith stood in front of Anthony for the first time. She had never seen him up close like this, so it was making her nervous. He was even more handsome up close.

"You are Diana's replacement?" Anthony asked.

"Y..yes sir," Faith mumbled.

"Speak up. I can't hear you," Anthony said sternly.

"I am sorry, Sir. Yes, I am her replacement," Faith said quickly.

Anthony stared at the woman in front of him intently. She was completely opposite to Diana. Diana was a beautiful, assertive woman who was quick on her feet. This woman seemed timid, and her appearance was plain. What was Diana thinking using her as the replacement?

"Get me a cup of coffee. Two sugar, no cream," he ordered.

Faith nodded and hurried off. She quickly grabbed a coffee mug, poured black coffee, and then stirred in two spoons full of sugar.

"So you're replacing Diana?"

Faith turned around as she heard Mary Jean's voice behind her. "Oh, no, it's not like that. I'm temporarily standing in until she gets back," she said quickly.

"I see. Gosh, you're so lucky," Mary Jean cooed.

"I am?"

"Are you seriously asking? I mean, have you seen that man? He is so handsome. Everyone is so intimidated by him, but I bet you will be able to get close to him." Mary Jean gushed.

Getting close to her boss was the last thing Faith wanted. She was too busy busting her butt to get through the day. "I am just here to work," she smiled timidly.

She hurried back to the office.

"Go ahead and set on the table," Anthony ordered.

Faith did as she was told. Perhaps a little too hastily. Her hand shook as she tried to put the mug down, and the hot coffee spilled on her arm. She gasped. Not because the liquid burnt her skin, but because some it splashed on a file on the table. She was so screwed.

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Amellia Amellia
true.. this is sweet story.. at least giving corage for some people that everyone have their own happiness .
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Alicia Miller
Loved this story ❤
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Constance Marounta
It needs some polishing but it was a very sweet story and I wouldn't say no to reading more 🤍🤍🤍

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