Chapter Seven

Thea's POV

       His ' I do ' completely numbed me. We were surrounded by white sand and blue ocean water. Sea was calm as it wanted to witness our wedding. My white dress was moulded on every curve of mine. My veil was hiding my eyes. Beach was decorated with all kinds of white flowers. Everything was at stake. Particularly, who was my family for the last seven months, Alisa. Dylan could kill her and could throttle her happiness. Luca promised me to keep her secure. I was given one option ' Agree with him. '

     " As soon as you both shall live. " I heard him and a waft of light breeze brush my skin. This was a huge commitment. How will I keep it when there's no love between us. He had already spoken his decision with the sourness of his tongue. 

     I blinked as the first ray of sun kissed his skin, one side of his face, making his skin glow and beyond handsome. I was holding my breath, "

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