Chapter Forty Four

         It was looking like a dream to her. She hadn't felt so happy in her entire life before. Two hours passed like a blink for her. She was blushing continuously and digging her teeth in her bottom lip. She was cheerfully toying with her phone in her hand. She looked at his office. Her cheeks turned dark pink. Her eyes were on the front door. She closed her eyes as sighed deeply before dialling a number. It was ringing and went on the voice mail note. She dialled her number again. She felt a sudden wave of dread. She got up from the couch and paced back and forth in tension as a smile vanished from her lips.

       " Again voicemail, " she put down her phone and took the stairs hurriedly. 

       She pushed the door open, " Luca, " She sweetly spoke his name. She roamed her eyes and got her brothers Seth, Calvin and her husband sitting together. Luca looked up at her f

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