Chapter Forty Three

Alisa's hit on his cheek resonated in the hall, " How could you? She's your sister. They could kill her. You should call the cops. I didn't think you'd do something immature like this. " She yelled at Calvin. 

      " Alisa... " I slowly spoke. 

     " Shut up! Are you a kid? How could you go with him without guards? What the heck was Cole doing? " She shouted at me. 

     I haven't seen her so angry before. Magro has changed her a lot, " Alisa, calm yourself down. She's safe. " Seth tried to calm her as he put his both hands on her shoulders. 

     " Safe! Safe! Are you kidding me? That bitch hit her. " She glared at Seth. It was quiet for a while. 

      " Guys, do me a favour. Don't tell Luca about it. " I slowly said but it reverberated in the stillness. 

      " I've already ca

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