Chapter Thirteen

    The playground was crowded today as it was Saturday. Her eyes were on her daughter. 

     " Let her play. Your stare may disturb her. " Alisa said. 

     " I'm just watching her. I don't want her to get injured. She's playing with strange kids. " She told her. 

      " Strange Kids! You're behaving strangely. Look at her. She's smiling and enjoying chasing each other. Stop staring. Michelle is here to take care of her. " Alisa chided her. 

     " I'd love to see how you will behave when your baby will play in the playground. " she pressed her lips together. 

    " I'll let him play. How was your date with Luca? " Alisa asked with a smile. 

    " Dinner, " She hesitated. 

    " Yea, same. " Alisa rolled her eyes. 

    " Nothing, we ate and returned like a normal h

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