RED: The Shade of Betrayal
RED: The Shade of Betrayal
Author: ANN

Chapter 1: Betrayal

Erica POV

My whole body was shaking like an earthquake “Give me 5 more minutes please” I said in almost pleading tone “NO! Get up now ERICAaaaaaaaaa... you been saying 5 minutes from last half an hour... it’s already 8 am... Now GET UP KIDDOOOOOOOOOOOO..........” Mike Shouted on top of his lungs by standing near my bed “Okay fine.... no need to shout like that, am up......” I replied by trying hard to get my lazy ass off my bed.

I sat up straight on my bed and fluttered opened my eyes also stretch my body a bit, a big yawn escaped my mouth when suddenly I saw a big pillow flying my way however before I could react and dodge ‘WHACKKK......’ it hit me directly on my face, I almost winced in pain not for the reason that I was hurt or something but because my night sleep had now left my mind “DON’T. YOU. EVER. DO. THAT” I warned Mike by purposely stressing on each word and pointing my right hand index finger towards him “You mean.... these.....?” Mike questioned me in his playful tone and immediately picked up another pillow from nearby sofa, realizing his intention “DONT!” was only word that left my mouth before another pillow landed on my face “That’s it... now you’re GONE... MIKE. LYRICS” saying that I hopped down from my bed and marched towards my brother and started hitting him senselessly with the same pillow which he had previously threw on my face meanwhile Mike was trying hard to block my attack with another pillow in his hand and just like that our pillow fight was on.

Five minutes later we both bunged when our breaths got hitched, Mike sat down on floor and I joined him too as we both started laughing on our foolish behaviour when hastily I turned my head to Mike’s side where I saw one of the most precious sight to my eyes as Mike was busy laughing controllably.

Mike Lyric, my elder brother, who is just 2 years older to me and my only family, he is one decent and handsome guy however he is little introvert and has stammering problem when speaking with strangers or when extremely nervous but surprisingly I never encounter his stammering problem around me, anyways so today was one special day for him because today finally he was going to propose a girl whom he had met in his office just a year back for which I can see him wearing a dark black trouser along navy blue well ironed and tuck in shirt which was perfectly highlighting his biceps also shiny black shoes, even his hairs were properly gelled and styled backward except a slim black colour untie tie that he was holding in his hand.

“Are you just goanna stare at me or help me tie these damm thing” Mike hissed extending his hand in which he was holding his untied tie “You look so stunning yarr...mast ekdum (Translation: Very Nice)” I praised him with smile and quickly snatched his untied tie and start doing it around his collar, a minute later when I satisfied with my work I helped him to put on his black blazer, he turned around to face me after giving a satisfying look in my mirror “What do you think?” he questioned me however without saying a single word I simply showed him my right hand thumbs up along with a big full smile and a wink, seeing my childish action he lightly blushed when in meantime I quickly handed him a small Tiffney box and a bouquet of fresh red roses “I’ll be back by 5pm, okay” he said with a warm smile and turned to leave when suddenly something clicked me and “Mikeeeee...WAIT...” I almost screamed on him from behind and hastily rushed to our tiny kitchen, I swiftly prepared a mixture of curd and sugar in a bowl and brought it out along with me “have these bhai (Brother)’s for good luck” I said and made him eat one full spoon of curd and sugar “All the best Mikey” I said excitedly, “Thank you” Mike replied and gently kissed my forehead and finally left not before giving me his one bright smile.

Once Mike left I closed our apartment door and stared back at my empty house, I mentally questioned myself if I should start my day or go back to sleep and like instinct my brain suggest me to complete disturbed sleep because of which without wasting a second more I went back to my bed, time flew by and I woke up fresh, it’s always fresh when you wake up from your peaceful sleep, isn’t it? also now that I was feeling content I finally decided to take a bath and with that thought I lazily made my way towards my bathroom and did my regular routine, I took a quick shower and got dressed in long loose full sleeve white colour woollen top and a black colour legging when suddenly I heard a loud growling sound of my stomach which was indicating that I was extremely hungry because of which I quickly made my way towards our kitchen and prepared a big bowl of instant noodle, chicken soup along with ceaser salad.

I carried my prepared food and neatly placed it on floor in front of TV near and called my best friend Sonia who is also our neighbour. 2 minutes later ‘RANGRANGRANG.....’ I heard loud ring of my door bell “COMMING...” I screamed loudly on my way towards our main door since I know who was so impatient on my front door and like I predicted there she was a familiar skinny figure, pale skinned and black coloured curly hair girl who was standing outside my apartment in her PJ “I thought of treating you with some homemade ice cream…!” Sonia said showing me an Ice cream tub which she was holding in her hand “What flavour?” I questioned her “our only love...DARK CHOCOLATE” she replied with big smile “Soul sister” I said with puppy face and snatching away Ice cream tub from her hand.

Sonia and I watched an old season of f.r.i.e.n.d.s on TV while having our dinner, we talk and kept eating our food for almost one hour until we finished our entire meal, once our bowls and plates were empty we took them all to my kitchen basin and cleaned them thoroughly.

20 minutes later when our dishes were done we both crashed our tired body on my couch along with a cup of our after meal coffee when “Is mike working late’s almost 10 pm?” Sonia abruptly inquired me “No, I believe he is busy with his date” I replied her by keeping my focus on my hot coffee “Who date?” Sonia questioned me again “Ohh... I forget to tell you he is going to propose this girl today, someone from his office” I blurted out instantly however hearing my words Sonia instantly chocked on her coffee and started coughing loudly “Are you Ok” I inquire her and started rubbing her back “yeah... yeah I am.. am Fine” she said “who’s these girl” she questioned me with hint of teary eyes whiec I believe were because of all chocking and coughing “ I...She..hmm She is some girl in his current office” I said hesitantly trying to avoid eths topic “What’s her name..?” Sonia was really persistent to know her detail as she questioned me again , I sigh at her behaviour “ Her name is Preeti, his colleague” I replied, we were in middle of our conversation when unexpectedly my cell phone started buzzing raucously while I saw there was a unidentified number flashing on my screen because of which I immediately answered it.

“Hello..?” I said “Hello.... Ma’am, my name is Messy, am I speaking to miss Erica Lyrics” a lad on other line questioned me “Ahem.. yes.. I am Erica” I replied sharing a confused look with Sonia “Miss Erica, I am calling from City Hospital, we have a patient admitted in our hospital these afternoon Mr. Mike Lyrics who is currently in I.C.U, he gave us this number and asked us to call you, can you come to........” before she could even complete her statement I ran away from Sonia and rushed out of my apartment meanwhile Sonia kept shouting on me from behind however nothing was falling on my ears.

Like a mad women I was running out in cold night and busy street of New York that too without my shoes when after running for approx 2 minutes on snow Cover Street I somehow managed to halt a cab to city hospital.

Within next 20 minutes my cab halted right outside city hospital when suddenly it clicked me that I wasn’t having any cash with me to pay for my cab service because of which the only solution that I came up with at that very moment was to bargained my new iphone in exchange of my cab bill, once it was done I quickly got down and rushed inside hospital and made my way straight to front desk, from where I came to know that Mike was in I.C.U room number 308 which was on 3rd floor, hearing which without wasting a second more I made my run towards staircase and reached 3rd floor in one breath.

Once I was on said floor I quickly searched for room number 308 and the moment I found it I barged inside it only to encounter a horrified scene which almost made my breath stuck throat and words die in my mouth, my brother my Mike was lying like a lifeless body on hospital bed while his half face was swollen and was covered in multiple black and blue marks, cuts and bruises. Also his upper body was covered with bandages, my brain was completely numb to see him in such a dismayed condition, I was totally lost in my own thoughts when suddenly I felt little wetness below my nose and like instinct my finger touch it only to realised that I was bleeding from my nose... AGAIN!, however at this moment it was least of my concern because of which I quickly wiped my blood with my t-shirt sleeves and went near Mike who woke up feeling my presence near him.

“Mikey....?” I somehow managed to speak in my shuttering voice “ Sai..Said am use..less” Mike replied as a tear drop escape from his left eye “ Jus..t Played m..e too hu..milate me in fro..nt of Eri” Mike added “Who... did this to you..?” I questioned him in plain tone as I could clearly detect all marks on his face were of beating marks “shee... as..ked her body..guards to sh..ow mee my place..,to sh..ow mee wh..ere I be..long ,t..hey hit me in...front of eve..rone” Mike said with more pain in his each word and stated crying profoundly “please me a..way from here Eri ”Mike added in pleading voice and teary eyes.

I was speechless my mind was to numb to say anything, it’s first time I am seeing him cry like this after that horrible night from our childhood which still haunts me in night, the more I was looking at Mike miserable state the more rage was filling me and now all I wanted to do was to make them pay for what they had done to my brother, I was about to go out when right that moment doctor walked inside Mike ward along some medical report in his hand “Erica Lyrics?” doctor questioned me “ye.s yess doctor” I replied in my sore voice “I want to have word with you..... In private Please” doctor said and immediately went out while I followed him.

“What is it Doctor?” I asked doctor the instant we both were alone in hallway outside Mike I.C.U ward hearing which doctor quietly flipped some papers in his hand and tilted his head up to me “Mr. Mike Lyrics, your brother he.... he is in very critical condition, he has 3 broken ribs, both arms and right leg are fracture, we believe he was brutally beaten and torture by many people together, he has severe swelling all over his body and.....” doctor paused while speaking which unknowingly accelerated my heart beat “And what doctor.?” I questioned him impatiently “Well.... when your brother was brought here to our  hospital he... wa.... he was nude, because of which we run some test on his body and found out....t that he... he was Raped....” doctor said with pity in his voice “We found seven different DNA semen Sample in his anal.... not sure how many of them were involved in torturing him but, seven of them raped him brutally.....” as soon as doctor completed his statement I fell down on my knees while tears kept rolling down from my eyes like rain, everything around me seemed liked moving in circular motion, doctor was saying something as my eyes were focused on him but my mind was totally blank to think or react anything.

I don’t remember how long I was sitting in hallway, but when I came back to my senses I found myself surrounded by 2 nurses and same doctor “Ca..Can I use You..r Phone doctor?” I requested doctor “ Yes sure” saying that he quickly handed me his phone also since It was midnight I called

one and only person whom I could trust now in such a situation, half an hour later I saw Sonia running towards me because of which I jumped up from my seat and hugged her tightly the second she stood right in front of me and cried... Yes! I cried..... I cried hard while Sonia kept holding me tight in her embrace.

Few minutes when I was somewhat calmed Sonia helped me to sit back on metal chairs which were placed in hallway for visitors also in meantime same doctor who informed me about Mike medical situation approached us “Ms. Erica, I know it not right time to speak but please be strong for your brother” doctor said in sympatric tone to which I did not bother to reply “I think we need to report these case to police” doctor further added in serious tone when “NO.... NO.... we are not going to report anything to police” I quickly informed him by abruptly getting up from my seat, I hold my stare deep at doctor and “We don’t want to involve Police in these” I said in flat tone and without further delay made my way to meet Mike inside his I.C.U ward, he was wide awake however his eyes were dead and staring at ceiling.

I sat beside him and gently pulled his right hand palm in my both hands while giving it a light squeeze “I will find them Mike, they... they all will pay for what they have done to you, just tell me who was it?” I said fixing my stare at his trouble face when suddenly he shifted his painful and bloodshot eyes to me “Samara...i we..nt to propose Samara Singh” he replied with no emotion on his face while interim my body got congeal hearing her name, for a split moment I felt like what I heard was not true however I quickly accepted his reality as there was no time for me to be weak, these was infact time for me to take REVANGE and with that thought “Do you trust me Mike?” I questioned my brother to which he did not replied a single word but simply nodded his head up and down indicating yes, seeing which I lightly kissed his forehead and hastily walked out of his room, outside I request Sonia to accompany Mike inside his ward room as I made my way out of ‘City Hospital’.

I was walking with rage as the only thing that kept ringing in my mind was to make Samara Singh pay for what she had done to my brother; my mind was filled with one word ‘REVENGE’ as all I was seeing now was RED........

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