RED: The Shade of Betrayal

RED: The Shade of Betrayal

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Language: English
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WARNING: This Novel is R-18 (Contain's Mature content (18+), Strong Abuse and Whole Lot of torture Acts, Kindly read at you own risk) ------ "SHE WAS VIRGIN” I cursed under my breath upon seeing her unconscious naked figure lying under me.Erica escaped New York after she took revenge from Samara Singh by burning her alive in her mansion to avenge her elder brother Mike who was gang raped by samara’s bodyguards however Erica was completely unaware of danger that was awaiting for her in future, ‘Samrat Singh’ a Ruthless, Brutal and Vicious Billionaire also elder step brother of Samara Singh who is determined to Break Erica in every way’s possible for destroying samara’s life.But that's not all, Samrat is completely unaware erica's true identity, she is an enigma who he yet have to unfold.Erica and mike they themselves hold some Dark and Bitter past also that have their very own personal agenda to fulfil which will shatter every single perfect life around them...!Follow us on journey of ‘RED: The shade of Betrayal’ to unfold our 'Dark Romance' tale which is filled with utter suspense and thrill ----------------- (Also If you all wish to see face's of our character for 'RED: The shade of Betrayal' and 'RAVAN' then do checkout my insta account valentinestories_1728)

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55 Chapters
Chapter 1: Betrayal
Erica POV My whole body was shaking like an earthquake “Give me 5 more minutes please” I said in almost pleading tone “NO! Get up now ERICAaaaaaaaaa... you been saying 5 minutes from last half an hour... it’s already 8 am... Now GET UP KIDDOOOOOOOOOOOO..........” Mike Shouted on top of his lungs by standing near my bed “Okay fine.... no need to shout like that, am up......” I replied by trying hard to get my lazy ass off my bed.I sat up straight on my bed and fluttered opened my eyes also stretch my body a bit, a big yawn escaped my mouth when suddenly I saw a big pillow flying my way however before I could react and dodge ‘WHACKKK......’ it hit me directly on my face, I almost winced in pain not for the reason that I was hurt or something but because my night sleep had now left my mind “DON’T. YOU. EVER. DO. THAT” I warned Mike by purposely stressing on each word and pointing my right hand index finger towards him “You mean.... these.....?” Mike questioned me in his playful tone and
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Chapter 2: Revenge
Third Person POV:Erica was now standing outside Samara mansion ‘The Paradise’ which was fully guarded from all side. Four guards were assigned on front gates duty and two guards were assigned to guard her main door while eight guards were inside garden area also each one of them were armed with loaded guns in their hands, Samara’s mansion was far away from New York city and was covered with big lawn from all four sides as the only way to get in was from main door or a rooftop, both of which were next to impossible except an alternate way which Erica was aware of.In past during college period when Erica had attended one party at samara mansion, she had accidently discovered this way while looking for a ladies room. Behind Samara’s mansion there was an old drainage pipeline which was closed few years back due some renovation that was done to change interior of entire mansion. This pipeline was having It’s one end opening at a manhole, which was just few meters away from her mansion whi
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Chapter 3: Raped
Third person POV:Erica had her gazed fixed on road that she was able to see from window of Samrat car but her mind was awfully numb to register where she was been taken. After two hour they finally stopped in front of a big blue colour Mansion, which was located in middle of some forest which at faraway from main city of Australia. Samrat got out from his car and immediately went to open car door on Erica side, where she fell down on wet muddy ground as soon as her side of door was opened seeing which Samrat felt nothing but disguised on her pathetic self, however he pushed back all his thoughts and pulled her up by grabbing a bigger chunk of smooth hairs and ruthless started dragging her towards Blue colour mansion.Erica cried in pain and tried to free her hairs from Samrat hand meanwhile his body guards followed them from behind and halted once they reached to main door however Samrat kept heaving Erica inside mansion and before she could observe her surrounding he callously threw
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Chapter 4 : Island
Third person POV:Sun was shining bright and busy spreading it blistering rays all around its surrounding from which few of bright rays somehow found their ways through big window which was right beside Erica’s bed in which she was sleeping, dazzling warm rays of sun lit up her face like a glowing angel, Erica was an early bird since her childhood yet she cannot adapt to adjust her eyes to sunlight, she scrunched her eyebrows and cover her eyes with her left hand when Suddenly she felt someone shaking her lightly from behind.Erica lazily opened her left eye only to see her friend Sonia leaning on her from behind “5 min am.. am getting up...” Erica mumbles and quickly turned her body to face Sonia only to feel extensive sting like pain in between her legs “AAaahhhhh......” Erica winced and hastily sat up straight with her eyes now wide awake.Erica quickly checked herself and found that she was wearing nothing but a plain oversized white shirt with its two top buttons open while a nee
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Chapter 5: Escaped
Third Person POV: Erica was getting mercilessly dragged by Samrat Singh who didn’t bother that she had fallen down and covered up in beach sand all he did was heaved her towards his massive glass mansion which was standing proud ahead, however Erica somehow managed to stood up back on her feet.once Erica was up her eye’s fell on a gigantic and striking ocean blue glass mansion which was guarded by at least twenty guards dressed in entirely black suit from all around also there was huge dense forest which was situated right behind these glass mansion, as Erica was trying to study her environment she grasp that they had reached to mansion door as few of guards who were guarding in front came ahead and greeted Samrat as ‘King’ however he simply ignored them all and walked inside with Erica from the entrance whose doors wear hold open by his two guards Once they were inside Erica turned her head to take a look at his mansion but before she could get a complete view of it Samrat pulled h
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Chapter 6 : Jacuzzi
Third Person POV:Erica woke up on shore coughing and throwing all salty ocean water from her mouth, she turned on her stomach and puked out all water while someone was holding her from back to help her throw up.Once she was content with emptying her stomach she turned her head to see Samrat watching her with intense gaze “Are you done?” he asked in husky low voice as she nodded her head, seeing which Samrat gripped her wet hairs from behind and pulled her face close to him, where their faces were mere inches apart from each other’s “Words..” Samrat said with dominating voice “yeeess.... Yess’’ Erica said knitting her eyebrow in pain and holding his hand which were pulling her hairs when “Let’s get you inside” Samrat said holding her in same position.his face was emitting cold and dangerous expression, his veins on forehead and neck were popping out “Okay” Erica replied and Samrat released her hairs when erica look down at her body and notice white shirt of Samrat which she was weari
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Chapter 7: Greenhouse
James POV:“I’ll inform Marcus and also keep your chopper ready for you” i said getting up from chair “okay” Samrat replied picking up his phone and dialling some number “what are you thinking to do with her” I asked curiously before going out of his study “ Who you are talking about?”samrat questioned looking into his phone “Erica” i replied, Samrat turned his attention toward me “Why..? are you worried about that little bitch?” he questioned “No..I am...I am not worried, it’s just, what if she tries run again?” i questioned “She won’t try to do that, Derek will be keeping watch on her until am back” he said “ Well if you say so but i don’t think she is kind of girl who will accept it so easily” i said “I know that, i saw her eyes , there was madness to kill me” samrat said with low chuckle “But she don’t know who she is dealing with” he added “get everything ready I’ll be there in half an hour” samrat said and exited his study behind me.Third person POV:With long steps Samrat head
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Chapter 8: Punishment
Erica POV:I was watching Samrat who came and stood right in front of me, i was able to feel his hot breath on my face, he didn’t said a single word but i was able to see anger in his eyes was enough to make me understand something was wrong “Samrat when did you ...” Derek was asking him when samrat suddenly pulled me through my wrist, i lost balance and crashed directly on his hard stone chest, he was holding my waist when slowly he started sliding his both hands down and rested them on my hips, he gave a hard squeeze to my ass,i was disgust with his these behaviour, i was about to push him but he smashed his lips on mine and kissed me like an hungry beast, i shut my lips tightly but he bite my lower lip making it bleed and making me winced in pain, i opened my lips when he bite me which gave him full access inside my mouth, his tongue was discovering every corner of my mouth, after what seem like forever he stopped i notice Derek had already left, samrat let go my butt and hold my wr
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Chapter 9: Poison
One month Later Third person POV:Samrat ignored Derek instructions and continued his torture on Erica, he kept on raping Erica day and night, Samrat had made Erica stay with him in his bedroom, in past whole month he had all his different ways with Erica, Samrat was behaving like an hungry animal who was only craving for sex all the time, Erica used to plead him to stop when he used to fuck for hours together but he never showed any mercy on her, there were many time in these last month when Samrat had raped her so badly that Erica used to bleed heavily from her core, he had almost tore her vagina, her situation was nothing less than a sex slave, because of him her whole body was covered with bite and nails marks, her both cheeks had turned into lighter shade of black and blue, he used to beat her whenever she used to resist him from having his different ways with her, many a times he used fuck her by tying her to his bed all naked with her both arm legs spread apart, he used to fuck
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Chapter 10 : Sketch
Samrat POV:I woke up with a weakness in my body, I tried to getup but my mind was not stable everything around me seemed to be moving in circular motion, I felt a throbbing pain and in my head, i was holding my head in my hands when i felt someone’s presence beside me “Hey buddy, finally you are awake...Can you see me..?” James was asking me waving his hand in front of my eyes, “Can you hear me?” he added and helped me to sit straight, i realised i was sleeping on my bed inside my bedroom when i saw Derek walked in from front door “Hey there sleepy you’re feeling now..?” he inquired sounding very enthusiastic “What happened..?” I asked him resting my head on headboard, they both shared a look and turned their heads back to me “You don’t remember..? Erica....she poisoned you” James replied “How..?” I asked raising my eyebrow “Well she gave you ‘Deadly Nightshade’ she served it to you in berry pie that you ate like hungry beast” Derek replied and received a sharp glare from S
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