Scene 11

Cheryl puffed her cheeks in annoyance. She looked at Sandra with hostility. Cheryl didn't like it when Sandra seemed to be trying to get Juna's attention. But that guy was not affected at all.

"The trade war is worrying. I'm afraid that it could lead to a political war and a real war. Huuu ... it's scary if all countries have moved. Imagine Russia siding with China. America is working with North Korea." Cheryl repeatedly flared her nose, embarrassed. She didn't like seeing Sandra's way of trying to make Juna amazed at her intelligence.

Everyone is just silent. Sandra led the conversation. She must have got the wrong address. The guys here are all engineering majors. Who is an engineering boy who wants to take care of politics? Cheryl knows, Sandra tries to make her look smart and insightful in the eyes of all men.

Rose played on her cellphone, smiling like crazy while sipping her drink. As for Juna, the guy is playing on his cellphone too. Only Aldo and Galvin are

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