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Having him is taboo for me, loving him makes me hurt even more. I will never be his, because of a fact that happened to me.

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41 Chapters
With tough arguments and being willing to cut off her friendship with Rose because she didn't want to be ready to accompany Cheryl, Rose finally agreed, and they would skip college. For the sake of Cheryl's prince . They will look at the prince of the middle-now where kingdom.A cunning plan had been crafted in Cheryl's brain, which was only a few Pentiums. It's time for the mission to start.They arrived at the cafe, looking very crowded with a sea of people gathering. Cheryl's guts sank immediately. Her face suddenly became hot, and her heart was beating faster. Her pancreas was throbbing.I just wanted to go home and attend lectures while sitting sweetly listening to the lecturers' babble. Hissed Cheryl."Get off quickly." Rose attracts Cheryl. Because suddenly, Cheryl's guts subsided."Get off, if you don't want our friendship to break up." With the threat from the two friends who went wron
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Scene 1
Have you ever had problems in your life? Yeah, everyone must have had trouble in life. Various kinds of issues come to us one after another.This is Cheryl Anastasia's love affair. She was experienced during 19 years of her life. She is just a cute college student who is wrong or doesn't, love that handsome senior.Cheryl loved him. He was a stranger who only passed her once. But the figure seemed to never disappear from the wild shadows and delusions.On the one hand, he was just a senior at P University. On the other hand, he had an extraordinary good look like a model.That afternoon, Cheryl was printing an assignment. And as usual, long lines have always been a sight to spoil the eyes, but it is precisely this sight that makes the queues can only sigh, so long as they can be as long as the human intestine.There is only one spot on campus P to print all assignments, photocopies, volumes, and other things.Cheryl is currently printing an assign
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Scene 2
"Do you want to be my boyfriend?" Cheryl just stared at the back away. The handsome guy, who only hitched a while.Even the handsome one didn't give Cheryl the drink she was expecting. Cheryl could only scare when the handsome guy seemed deaf."Dammit! He didn't even give me that drink." Cheryl felt like scratching the ground and throwing the handsome guy."You know, I just pulled the object until it broke up." Cheryl was still grumbling.After a few minutes of being taken flying, Cheryl finally headed for her faculty.By bending her face. Cheryl patted her forehead. "Shit! I should have asked what his name was. How come I was so silly now."Cheryl went down the stairs, her faculty. The faculty is indeed at the bottom. The class is busy and always active, starting to form colonies according to their respective friendships. The boys get together and play games and discuss negativ
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Scene 3
The handsome man, ignoring Cheryl's bad voice. Theory from where, are you not virgin, after holding someone's dic*? Who knows where the division of this girl's brain is?"What's your name? I have to know your home address and cellphone number." Secretly, Cheryl smiled. She's smart right? The handsome one just shook his head. She was shameless."I should be reporting first pretty."Blush!Lacking of caress and affection, Cheryl feels her world is so colorful now.Be mine, please! "Well, to break even, I'm Cheryl. What's your name?" Cheryl held out her hand. They were acquainted earlier."Ehem." Rose was standing beside Cheryl. The handsome did not welcome Cheryl's helping hand. And stare at Rose. Rose was just silent, staring at the boy who took her food several times.Without realizing it, the handsome smiled at Rose, but Rose didn't budge. She stepped back, stepped back regularly. Roses loved Cheryl more than anythin
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Scene 4
Cheryl is dressed up so beautifully today to meet her prince, she's wearing lipstick, eye shadow, mascara, blush, and 2 centimeters thick powder. Cheryl felt like she was a slut.Cheryl appears more girly, even though Cheryl is a super cool human who doesn't care about her appearance. Cheryl wore a maroon blouse combined with a mid-long skirt, wearing white sneakers. Cheryl was so confident, and she was sure the handsome one would be smitten. Cheryl curled her long straight hair.The appearance is so beautiful, but again they end up miserably in the Engineering faculty. Cheryl and Rose sit on the faculty under a tall pine tree. Rose is busy eating. Yes, Rose is without food, like a fish without water. Before they ended miserably, Rose had bought a full black bag of snacks. The food is finished, and Rose plans to buy more. Rose has a giant greedy Alaskan worm in her stomach.Cheryl snorted resignedly, even though she was determined to know the handsome man's name an
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Scene 5
Joko.A name that bothers Cheryl so much. Is that true? If that was reality, could Cheryl accept that name? Or Sandra is lying if Joko is the name of the handsome parent.Today, Cheryl is desperate to go back to the Engineering faculty. For the sake of love.Cheryl wanted to ask the owner directly. If true, Cheryl will think again, to accept the lack of the man's name. But Cheryl was sure that wasn't his name. His appearance, not an ordinary person. Cheryl could see, Juna a.k.a Joko's appearance, like a rich person.Rose was embarrassed and was tired of Cheryl's pursuit and persistence but to no avail. Rose already knows his name. However, she was lazy to tell Cheryl. Let it go so that Cheryl tries even harder, even though in the end, she is the troubled one.Rose ate the chocolate covered peanuts with no taste. They skipped the Essay Writing course. Coincidentally the one who taught Mam Nani. A beautiful lecturer who made Cheryl a favorite student. Mam
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Scene 6
C: You're lying😏😏😏. We met before at the campus print shop.J: Sorry, I've never been to a campus print shop. You're mistaken.C: Hey you, it's not funny. Don't be like this, and I'll be sad. Sob, even🤒🤒🤒J: Nope! I'm talking about reality.Cheryl was confused by this answer. He was the wrong person, or that handsome guy had no interest in her at all?C: Is this Juna?J: I am. C: Five semester?J: I am.C: You're majoring in engineering?J: Yep! Exactly. But, there are many techniques.C: please send me of your photo.J: Nah, I'll be stuck again.C: Nooooooo ..... I want to master it.J: picture received.Cheryl gaped again. What was she doing wrong? Already, she lowered her self-respect, brought everything, and now, the wrong person? Hopefully, this Juna doesn't know her.Cheryl immediately called Rose."Yo." Rose answered lazily on the other end of the phone.Rose's voi
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Scene 7
Cheryl's search isn't over yet. After, she risked her pride and ended up straying, making Cheryl not give up. But Cheryl is getting more and more excited so that her prince will fall into her arms.College continues, even though Cheryl still skips to fight for her love. And Rose always sacrifices herself.Rose and Cheryl spread charm in the engineering faculty. Who knows, they might be another prince charming reserve. Cheryl doesn't understand herself transforming into a weird girl. But she was enjoying it all. Cheryl wanted to forget the troubles that had happened to her at home—not recognized.Cheryl blew her bangs. Still in the process of waiting, who knows how long. Meanwhile, Rose focused on her cellphone. Occasionally she smiled. However, Cheryl didn't care about Rose's activities. She wanted to meet the handsome one as soon as possible."I'll go to the shop first." Rose left. Cheryl is still sitting there."No, it's too late. Just come along." Ch
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Scene 8
Time to spread charm.Armed with information from Galvin, today Cheryl plans to meet the prince on horseback. So, Juna and friends will play games together at the cafe Cheryl visited and end up unlucky. And today, Cheryl tries to find another fortune.Since having a crush, Cheryl is so diligent in dressing up now. Even the girl, wearing pink lipstick, which is quite dazzling to the eyes, is thick."Emuah." Cheryl posed in the style of a celebgram who took a photo while pouting her lips. Rose was embarrassed, seeing the behavior of her friend. So, Cheryl forces Rose to meet Juna this time. Cheryl must meet Juna in person and confess her feelings. Whether Cheryl can or not, we'll see together. But, one thing Cheryl is sure of, Juna will fall into her arms."Are you beautiful yet?" Along the way, Cheryl looked in the mirror, even confirming the powder countless times. Cheryl took  Rose's perfume, again Rose could only massage her chest. Her best friend's be
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Scene 9
Broken heart.Heartbreak can have an impact on people who experience it. Some are heartbroken and evolve into fake humans. In that sense, they are turning into a successful human being. Starting from a broken heart, they crawled up for revenge for hurt feelings. Some turn into psychopaths when they experience great heartbreak.And Cheryl is not among those humans. The girl just curled up all day until all night in bed. Crying, yes, she cried. Juna broke all of her bones, down from the spine to the marrow. Extraordinary. Just eating, she has no appetite.Cheryl felt that Meredith was unable to accommodate all of her bitter complaints. Meredith couldn't.Cheryl is still crying on the bed with her clothes that haven't been changed for four days. Such a broken heart.Cheryl still remembers, when Juna came out, she cried and wanted to kill herself. Cheryl couldn't, and she felt the world was cruel to her. The world was never on her side. About 10 minutes, Ro
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