Scene 37

Run as fast as the cheetah. Move as swiftly as a snake, jump as good as a rabbit.

Rose ran, holding her wedding dress that she had not changed. Juna only followed Rose from behind. Unexpectedly, his wife was so agile.

"Wait," shouted Juna. When Rose doesn't care about the presence of the people around her, she felt dejavu when she was chasing Cheryl first. Oh My God, what else?

Rose ran with her shoes on, lifted her dress, and ran wherever the hospital was. She was very traumatized. Because of Cheryl's departure, Rose seemed to be antipathetic towards the hospital. If possible, she wouldn't need to contact the hospital for the rest of her life. If possible, give birth later. Rose wants to give birth alone.

"Honey .." said Juna with a breathless breath, finally managed to reach Rose's hand. Indeed Rose's power, horsepower.

"Alright, don't panic. We'll find a taxi. Where is the hos

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