Chapter 5

The next morning I wake up from a dreamless sleep, to the sounds of my alarm. I think this beeping alarm is quickly becoming my least favourite sound. It takes me a moment to be able to focus my eye in the dim lighting of my room. After lying in bed for 3 minutes adjusting to being awake, I pull off my blanket and stand and stretch my arms up, twisting my neck until I hear several clicks. I walk towards my cupboard. Pull on my uniform, thankfully I found a bigger size thta is way more comfortable. I walk out of my room. Not even bothering to smooth out my hair, what's the use anyway?

I walk through the kitchen, the bright light is like a slap in the face. I walk through to the bar as I spot Jason, drying some glasses,"Morning," Jason says, when were you planning on telling us that you could beat up men three times your size or were you saving it as a party trick?" He questions as he leans against the Bar with his muscled arms crossed over his broad chest. he seems to be looking at me differently this morning. Not with fear but more respect. Maybe I should've told them about my last sooner.

"When you are a young girl living on the streets you have to learn to sell yourself or protect  yourself, I chose the latter." I suppress a shiver of the memory, that was easily the darkest time of my life.

"I must say, I love a girl who can kickass" he says as he begins to stalk towards me. "You're gorgeous and strong but I still can't get the image of you and Tommy kissing out of my head though" he growls roughly. "Only I'm picturing me and you every time, I even dreamt of it." He says in a raspy voice. Well that was unexpected. Though to be honest I might've daydreamed about kissing Jason's juicy looking lips once or twice.

Before I can even react he crosses the bar to where I'm standing and presses me against the counter. He threads his hands into my messy, bed hair, tilting my head back to seize my lips with his. He tastes better than I could've imagined. I gasp In shock and he slips his tongue into my mouth, massaging it with his own. It only takes me a second to recover from my surprise and start to kiss him back, moaning into his mouth.

I slide my hands up his chest and wrap them around his neck, tangling my hands in the hair at the nape of his neck. His hands run down my back to my ass, where he lifts me up onto the bar counter behind me. I wrap my legs around his waist as our tongues continue to fight for dominance. He breaks his mouth away from mine and plants kisses on the underside of my jaw. Sucking the skin into his mouth and nibbling. He continues down my neck where he sucks and nips at the skin, down to my exposed cleavage. I tilt my head further back to give him more access.

I let out a breathy moan as I enjoy the sensation of his lips on my neck. As he finishes grazing every part of my neck and cleavage with his teeth he brings his mouth back to mine as I suck his bottom lip into my mouth, giving it a nip.

"Good mor- , oh gosh" Tommy stutters as he walks out to the bar and catches us in our compromising position. Jason immediately pulls back from me and I jump down from the counter. Fixing my closing and trying to calm my hair.

"Look Tommy I'm sorry, I know you had her first, I couldn't control myself. I'm sorry" Jason says as he hangs his head but Tommy just grins, looking to me, then to Jason a dm back again?

"It's ok Jason, you can have her, my interests lie elsewhere." Tommy replies, giving me a wink and a chuckle. This worked out well, though I have yet to figure who has Tommy's interest.

"Thank goodness because she is one hell of a good kisser." Jason replies, scratching the back of his neck sheepishly. I blush at his compliment, he is a really good kisser too.

"Raven! Get your butt in here. I have orders ready to go" Damian shouts from the behind the bar. I smooth out my uniform and rush into the kitchen where I load some orders onto a tray and take them out to the customers. I can't stop thinking about thta kiss with Jason the whole day. After a couple of hours of serving pleasant customers different varieties of breakfast, I sit behind the bar watching the customers enjoy their meal. Then I feel a presence behind me.

"So Raven, when were you gonna tell me that you can kiss like that?" Jason's voice asks from behind me.

"You never asked" I respond casually, keeping my answers short and clipped. I knew from the moment I met Jason that he assesses people. Finds out everything he can and then uses it to his advantage when necessary. He is calm, calculating and lethal. Not to say he can't be trusted but I need to keep my eyes on him, maybe my lips too. As I have now found out, he is a very good kisser.

I began to walk away when he grabs my wrist, "not so fast, you have some explaining to do." He says as he drags me back behind the bar. "So where did you learn it?"

"The kissing of the fighting?" I ask in a sultry tone running my hands up his chest and wrapping around his neck so that our chests are flush against each other. He swallows. I love that I have this effect on him.

"The fighting," he breathes out, trying to stay focused.

"I'm self taught" I respond sounding bored.

"You're strong, I respect that. You can be stronger though. I know your secret." He says casually, waiting for my response.

  "What secret" I ask with a shock, trying to sound confident and keep my tone neutral but I know he can see me quivering. Most humans fear the supernatural enough to kill them.

"I know how to master your flame but there are people here so we'll talk tonight." He disappears into the kitchen, leaving me speechless. how he knows? I could never tell you but on the upside he hasn't tried to kill me yet, though to be honest I'm not sure he could if he tried. I've trained myself to keep myself alive For as long as possible, it's going to take a lot to kill me.

The day goes by slowly, I can't focus. I keep thinking about what James said and about his wonderful lips, focus I scold myself. He knows our secret and we need to be ready for the worst reaction. I head into the kitchen to take my lunch break. Damian is at the bar because James is on his lunch break whilst Tommy is in the passage making the beds. it's just James and I in the kitchen and he hasn't seemed to have noticed my presence yet. I walk up behind him and wrap my arms around his waist. There is no reason I shouldn't enjoy him while I can.

I place a kiss on the back of his neck, "mhmmm, Raven baby. Are you on your lunch break," he groans as I nibble on his ear.  "What can I make for you to eat?" He manages to ground out as I suck his earlobe into my mouth, I can play him like a fiddle if I wanted to. "What about a Toasted cheese sandwich?" He offers, still barely suppressing his moans.

"That sounds delicious, thank you," I say as I stop my assault on his ear and neck, he needs control over his body if he is going to make me food.

He fries up the sandwich and places it on the counter for me to eat, it's smells like melted cheese and has my mouth watering.. "So what exactly do you mean you know about my flames?" I question trying to sound serious which is hard through a mouthful of bread and stringy cheese. 

"Because; my family and I, we're warlocks and you reek of power" my mouth drops open, warlocks are meant to be extinct. How did I not notice,

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