Playing With Fire

Playing With Fire

By:  Flames_Of_Fury  Ongoing
Language: English
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Young Raven had been on the streets since she was 14 and her mom died. She spots a help wanted sign in a pub run by three seemingly normal brothers but what happens when they are anything but normal. Will she find her way back to then after being kidnapped or will she live without the love of her life and forever be trapped in an abusive relationship.

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Julia Nora
waiting for the next chapter, keep going author-nim. by the way, do you have any social media to discuss your story further?
2021-07-19 16:15:39
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David Nettles
decent read for a short story, kinda wish it had a little more detail to the story though
2021-02-09 08:45:36
32 Chapters
Chapter 1
Young Raven had been on the streets since she was 14 and her mom died. She spots a help wanted sign in a pub run by three seemingly normal brothers but what happens when they are anything but normal. Will she find her way back to then after being kidnapped or will she live without the love of her life and forever be trapped in an abusive relationship. As I walk through the streets of the Rave, my stomachs growls reminding me that the last meal I had was a scrap of bread the day before. It's a dog eat dog world here in the Sapphire realm and I'd prefer not to be eaten.
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Chapter 2
"She can't know Mike, she is too young to start her training. She hasn't even come of age yet" a feminine voice says in an argumentative tone, peering through the crack in the door I see my moms face over a mans shoulder. They're having a really heated conversation and it looks like my mom is winning this argument."With a power like hers she needs to train, if she turns 18 before she learns to harness it she could destroy herself and those around her" he counters in their fight. I don't even know who they are talking about.
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Chapter 3
The day goes on as customers come and go. The breakfast rush finished a while ago and it's almost time for lunch. Just after I've finished cleaning up the breakfast mess the bell rings again. Well that sucks, I haven't had a moment to day dream yet, today has been really busy. A bunch of guys looking Tommy's age waltz into the pub. Their walk practically screams entitled males. Well this is going to be fun. From my spot just behind the counter I hear one of the talking to Jason
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Chapter 4
We walk down the street and I found a pebble to kick. After a few blocks the black buildings come to an end revealing a dark meadow that is swarming with life. Lanterns are strung up between tents and stalls of all different color variations adding to the festivity. There is a huge Ferris wheel in the Centre strewn with different colored lights and random clowns, tricycle riders and jugglers mixed into the crowd. I've never been to festival before but it sure looks like a lot of fun. It looks like a world on its own, all smiling faces and bright colors, children laughing, couples holding hand
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Chapter 5
The next morning I wake up from a dreamless sleep, to the sounds of my alarm. I think this beeping alarm is quickly becoming my least favourite sound. It takes me a moment to be able to focus my eye in the dim lighting of my room. After lying in bed for 3 minutes adjusting to being awake, I pull off my blanket and stand and stretch my arms up, twisting my neck until I hear several clicks. I walk towards my cupboard. Pull on my uniform, thankfully I found a bigger size thta is way more comfortable. I walk out of my room. Not even bothering to smooth out my hair, what's the use anyway? I walk t
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Chapter 6
 As I'm sitting there with my mouth hanging open from shock, Jason explains how his parents died when the humans started hunting warlocks, humans thunk that supernaturals are the problem and then take parents away from their children, unbelievable. He and his brothers manage to survive off the pretenses of being human, thankfully people didn't pay to much attention to them. Warlocks have a certain gift called the sight where they can see and almost smell magical power. That is how he knew about my flame. At least now I don't have to question my acting skills, just my perfume quality. That's a big relief  
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Chapter 7
As I enter my room I grab a pair of blue running shorts out of my bag and a black sports bra, after pulling my hair into a tight pony I walk out to their bar where Tommy and Damian are already sitting and chatting at a vacant table. Just as I'm about to join them Jason comes out of the kitchen. "Let's head to the gym shall we," he says walking past his chatting brothers, straight to the door. We all walk down the dark-ish streets, it's only getting darker as the sun sets. Damian is wearing a white tank top revealing his muscled arms and a pair of black basketball shorts. Tommy is wearing a gr
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Chapter 8
"I always thought you were a little bitch, now my suspicions are confirmed." I sneer at James as his smirk falls off his face. That's right, I can verbally abuse you too."At least I'm not a slut who opens my legs for all three brothers," he hisses in return"Well that makes two of us, now kindly get your sorry excuse for an ass out of here before I beat it to a pulp again." My eyes stray to something hanging on his belt, what the hell? Are those handcuffs? Now I know that he is a sadistic prick, I have all the confirmation I need.
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Chapter 9
As promised? Ofcourse, why didn't I think of it before? They are also warlocks and so are there younger brothers, they knew I was a fire slifer almost as soon as Jason did. I wonder why they still tired to take me on in the alleyway, I guess they are just plain stupid. I really should've been more careful cloaking my smell. "Yes, she will do quite nicely," the king says as if I were some prized horse someone had just gifted him. He steps off his throne dragging his long cape behind him. So out tax money goes to buying matching capes for him and his son, wonderful. He might actually look regal if I didn't hate his guts. He walks towards me and brings my eyes to meet his with two fingers on my chin, tilting my face towards his as I glare at him with as much hate and ferocity that I can muster.
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Chapter 10
Step one is complete, all I need to do know is get him to unlock the actual cuffs which will be hard as he was warned against it. Though he seems to be thinking with other parts of his body instead of his brain right now so I think I have a fair chance. There is no way I'll be able to scale a the side of the castle handcuffed especially without my full energy. I couldn't beat the keys out of him because one scream would have the guards in the room in under a second, I had one option left. I'll need to seduce the keys out of him. Piece of cake. I lift my bound hands to hooks them around his ne
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