The Surrogate Mother
The Surrogate Mother
Author: Lauretta

Chapter 1

I walked as fast as my legs could take me , looking at my worn out watch for the time.

Oh goodness Mr Billiemo would be so mad

I walked into the restaurant i am waitressing at and saw Mr Billiemo pacing around angrily

"I'm really sorry sir, my younger sister fell ill and i had to run to the store to get drugs for her" i said while shivering 

"Save it for someone that care's Aubrey you're fired" he turns and left

I stood there for what seemed like eternity i am fired, my only hope of living and i just got fired

I looked over searching for Mr Billiemo and i saw him, i ran over to him 

"Please sir,I'm really sorry please don't fire me i beg of you" i pleaded with him with tears running down my cheeks

He looks at me with disgust " see Aubrey i  was only using you till i got a better waitress and now that i have one you can't work here anymore "

I knelt down pleading and begging him but he walks away.

I stood up with my head hung low and walked out of the restaurant.

The cold breeze hits my face and i start crying what am i going to do

I walked back home slowly, my father died over ten years ago and my mom got remarried leaving my little sister June with me since about five years ago, now i stay in a one bedroom apartment in one of the most dangerous neighborhood with my little sister. I worked as a waitress in Mr Billiemo's restaurant to pay our rent and feed us but now all of that was gone.

I sighed heavily and walked towards my apartment, i got home and saw a letter addressed to me reminding me of my rent,failure to pay would result to eviction, i sat on the floor and cried my eyes out the money i had saved up i used in buying June's drugs this morning, wiping my tears I opened the door

"June,June!!" I called out with no response, i saw her laying on the bed and walked towards her "June!! June!!" She still wasn't responding, i started to panic

Shakily i dialed 911 and an ambulance came and took her.

At the hospital I wasn't allowed into the room, minutes seemed like hours I draped my head over my hands with tears running down my face 

"Family of June Shawl please " immediately stood up looking at the doctor "I'm her sister"

He looks at me with sympathy "Miss, June's condition is critical and she needs a kidney transplant"

My world crumbled as soon as i heard that "k-ki-kidney transplant b-but h-how, she was a little sick and we thought it was a cold, how can she" i kept rambling 

The doctor places his hand on my shoulder bringing me out of my shock, i look at him with my blooshot eyes

"S-she can use my kidney, please make June better" i cried hysterically

"I promise to do everything in my power miss" he smiles pitifully at me

I walked into the room and saw June laying fragile and frail, my heart broke into a million pieces on seeing my younger sister with an oxygen mask o her face depending on some wires to live. I placed my hand on my mouth silencing the loud sobs coming from me, i walked over to her shakily

"June" i held her frail hands in mine, using my other free hand to wipe my tears 

"I know you are a fighter, please you have to get through this babygirl, you can't leave me alone" tears falling down my cheeks freely

"I'll be right back" i cleaned my tears and walked out of the room, i saw a cleaner at the hallway

"Please where is the office of the doctor in charge of my sister" i ask her and she points towards a door

"Thank you " i walked to the office and knocked lightly, i waited till i heard a come in

"Welcome miss, please sit down" the doctor gestures towards a sit and i sat down 

"I'm sorry for disturbing you doctor, i need to know what i can do for my sister " i tell him

"Yes of course miss, we will conduct a test to see if your kidney is in good condition tomorrow " he says and i nod

"How about the payment " i ask him

"You would need to see the cashier for that" he says and i nod

"Thank you doctor " i stood up and went out of the room

How am I supposed to pay for this, where would i get the money?

Sweat pores started to form on my head, using my head to wipe it. I walk towards the cashier and i learnt that the amount for the surgery would be 400,000$

I walked out of the hospital, walking aimlessly on the street 

Where am I supposed to get 400,000$

Even if i work 5 jobs I won't be able to raise such an amount 

I sat down on a chair silently, I wondered if my dad was alive maybe I would've gone to college and maybe I won't have so many responsibilities, just maybe

I don't know how long i sat there gazing at the sky

My life has never been normal, a normal family consisting of the father, mother and children. Instead mine is just June and I. I sighed as tears fell unto my cheeks, my shoulders shaking vehemently 

How would i raise such an amount in such a short period, I've never been able to raise 10,000$, now I'm required to raise 400,000$

I stood up from the chair and walked back home

Well it's my home until i get kicked out

Would my mom be willing to help if she knew about June's condition 

I wondered as my legs went towards the direction 

I got home and opened the door, silently dropping my used rubber-banded phone on the bed, i fell on the bed

I need to stop crying, i need to raise this money whichever way

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Misty Minyard
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Bella Jersey
I couldn’t even imagine the pain and hopelessness this little girl was in

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