Episode 1133

Everyone inside the Grand General Meeting room were giving the Grand General their fullest attention. After all, it has been quite some time for the entire Military to move in a single grand operations and on top of that the President himself will take part of it. The last time they did it was only ended in a disappointing of being back stab at the end of the entire campaign. Still after hearing that this time operation is only will be focusing on the Aeternum itself, everyone were pumped up to participate. After all, the operations that were leads by the President and also the Grand General herself is always exciting and potentially dangerous. For the warriors and knights in Aeternum Military, it was an honorable feat to participates on a the hardest and greatest battles.

“Operation Full Sweep…the first phase of the to fully contain the Wild Monster populations…as we all know..the Researchers and the Scientist has already mapped out all the Monster dens and habitat al
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