Episode 1258

Like being lectured by an older and right person that is what everyone felt when the weren’t able to even retaliate as the Aeternum President listed the reasons as to why Aeternum does not sold their Seafood’s resource to other countries. And each times he listed the reason no one can even counter him or even said anything to protect themselves and made them seems that they weren’t guilty at all. Because on the contrary of anyone beliefs, actually when Aeternum didn’t mind anyone got access to the resource. All of them actually one of the first party that bought the seafood’s through the merchants groups that they owned.

Everyone wanted to gain profits, but when the Merchant Guilds also come to joined in that is when everything is falling apart. So In a ways all of them were also pertly responsible for these issues, so right now all that they can do is feign an ignorance and hoped that the President and Aeternum would mellow out once more and opened the resource access to everyone. Ev
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