Chapter 4

"Take me home first, I need to change," Rose said after getting into the car.

"Yes Ma'am," I smirked. I've never seen someone look so unhappy to be near me. Usually people like me.

Rose went inside her room and came out wearing what I call a dress that was barely there. It was a sexy, black off the shoulders dress that was so short and tight that you can almost see her butt cheeks. Girl likes to show off, huh?

"What are you gawking at?" she barked.

"Sorry, you look great," I said quickly.

"Yeah, thanks. Don't get any ideas. I am not into pretty boys like you," she said.

"Duly noted, shall we m' lady?" I smirked and offered her my arm but she strode past me. Still mad at me about this morning I guess.

We arrived at the party. The music was blaring and it was full of drunk college kids. I saw a group of kids playing beer pong in the corner.

"Rose! Hey!" A cheerful-looking petite brunette ran towards us. "And who is this?" she asked when she saw me.

"Just an idiot my grandpa hired to babysit me. So annoying," Rose rolled her eyes.

"Hi I am Marissa," the brunette said and gave me a flirty smile.

"Liam," I said and returned her smile. She was kind of cute.

"I wish my dad hired a hot employee to watch over me too," Marissa leaned closer to me.

Oh, Marissa, you flatter me.

"Ew... gross, stop flirting with him," Rose frowned. "Where is Mason?"

"I saw him near the pool table. Why don't you go find him while I keep Liam company?" Marissa said.

"Great idea! Bye Liam!" Rose said and walked away before I could object.

"Whoa wait..I think I am supposed to..." I started to say.

"Oh let her go. She is a big girl. Why don't you hang out with me so we can get to know each other? You go to school?" Marissa asked.

"Yes. Not a fancy one like you guys though," I chuckled. My eyes searched for Rose but she disappeared.

"Anyway, are you single?" Marissa said. Straight to the point, huh. I do like them forward.

"That depends on who is asking?" I smirked.

Marissa opened her mouth to say something but stopped when we heard an earth-shattering scream coming out of the other room.

Shit...Rose? I ran over there.

Rose was lying on top of the pool table. Two guys were holding her arms down. The third guy with light brown hair hovered over her.

"Get the fuck off of me Mason!" Rose snarled but the brown-haired dude just chuckled.

"Oh come on Rose, you came on to me, remember? Why are you acting like a bitch now?" Mason said.

"Yes, and I said we can go somewhere private. I didn't agree to have a foursome with your disgusting pals," Rose said.

"What difference does it make. The sex with you is getting kinda boring so I figured I'd spice it up a little. Robby and Mike over here wanted a little taste and I don't see a problem," Mason smirked.

"Fuck you, Mason. It is over between us, now let go!" Rose yelled.

"Aw come on baby. It'll be fun. I promised these guys," Mason pouted.

I figured now would be a good time to interrupt this fuckboy's speech. "Let Rose go, right now!" I said.

Mason looked at me with confusion. "Who the fuck are you?" he asked.

"I am Rose's bodyguard. And as her bodyguard, I can't allow you to violate her any longer. So I suggest you and the rest of the fuck boys crew let her arms go and step aside before things get ugly," I bored my eyes into his squinty looking eyes.

"And what if we don't? It's three of us against one of you. We will pound you to the ground you little shit head," Mason said.

"Look, Mason, you must know who Rose's grandfather is. He has money and power. Do you really think it's wise to defile his only granddaughter?" I changed my tactic.

"Defile her? Don't make me laugh, asshole. Rose is a fucking slut. It doesn't make any difference if there's gonna be one dick or three in that hole," he laughed. "I mean look at what she is wearing! She came here asking for it," he said.

I've had enough of his blabbering at this point. He had no right to talk about her like that. Sure she was foul-mouthed and dressed provocatively, but it was her choice and this motherfucker was just pissing me off with his attitude.

Thankfully I was taller and bigger than him so I stepped closer and glared at him. He moved backward a couple of inches. I saw a little bit of fear reflecting on his eyes. I may not be as rich and good looking as this idiot but I've had my share of fights so taking him down was no big deal for me.

I grabbed his collar and lifted him up a little. "Listen here you squinty-eyed motherfucker, if you don't tell your fuckbuddies to let go of her this instance, I am going to break that beautiful face of yours then your dream of having a foursome will die forever. Because after I am done with you, no girl would be looking at you without throwing up," I said in a harsh and menacing tone. Normally I am not this hostile but this piece of shit brought out the worst in me.

"Robby, Mike, fucking do something!" Mason said desperately.

I grabbed his nose and squeezed it until he groaned out of pain. "They take one step forward and I'll twist this cute little nose of yours. Wanna take that chance?" I asked.

"Alright alright fine. They won't do anything to you and your precious Rose. Just let go of me please," Mason pleaded.

I let go of him instantly. Just as I thought. This guy was all bark and no bite. His buddies could've easily taken me down but he was too much of a coward to try. They left the room after I let him go.

I ran over to Rose who was still sitting on the pool table with her head down.

"Hey, you okay?" I asked gently.

"Just take me home," she whispered. Her eyes were dry but I could tell she wanted to cry but forcing herself not to.

"Okay, let's go," I said and offered her my hand. This time she took it.

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