The Bodyguard's Spoiled Princess

The Bodyguard's Spoiled Princess

By:  Angela Lynn Carver  Completed
Language: English
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Liam is a 23-year-old college student who accepted a job offer as the live-in assistant of a rich older gentleman, Mr. William Laverne. But on his first day of the job, it was revealed that he won't be taking care of the sweet-natured, mild-mannered old Mr. Laverne after all. Instead, he was tasked to help his spoiled, lazy, and sometimes cruel granddaughter to become a proper young lady so she can one day take over the Laverne industry.Will this be the start of a beautiful friendship or will she lead his life into total chaos?Find my interview with Goodnovel:

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46 Chapters
I used to be a shy kid among my classmates. Quiet, intelligent, and an overachiever. Once I put my mind into something I didn't quit until I was done. My friends sometimes made fun of me for being stoic and disciplined. They said I was too stuck-up. But I needed to keep my head in the game.I wasn't rich like the others. I had to work hard to earn everything in life. All I had left was a worn-down house and my sick father who I was forced to take care of since I was 15. Now at the age of 23, I am still taking care of him along
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Chapter 1
"Ah, you must be Mr. Maxwell. I am Linda Blair," The woman who greeted me said. I recognized her voice from our phone conversation. She was nothing like I imagined. I expected a woman of the age of 40 with grey hair and thick glasses that made her look like a librarian from old school movies. Instead, I was looking at a 30 something gorgeous woman with a head full of long blonde hair."Follow me to the terrace, Mr. Laverne is waiting for you," she said and motioned me to follow her. I've never set my foot in a lavish mansion l
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Chapter 2
Linda called me and let me know that I got the job. I GOT THE FUCKING JOB! I am beyond ecstatic. But one thing was bothering me since I had that conversation with Mr. Laverne regarding my job. How could he trust someone as young as me with his young and beautiful granddaughter? Me, a young guy, with raging hormones! Not that I am saying that I am a pervert and will try to grope her or something, but logically speaking, shouldn't he be wary of stuff like that?But I guess I shouldn't question it. I need the job and I need the m
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Chapter 3
I knocked on her door, no answer. I knocked harder. Still silence.I sighed and opened the door. This felt extremely wrong. Like I was an intruder. Please don't be naked, I thought.Thankfully she was sprawled across the bed wearing a long t-shirt, snoring lightly. This girl is a deep sleeper I
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Chapter 4
"Take me home first, I need to change," Rose said after getting into the car."Yes Ma'am," I smirked. I've never seen someone look so unhappy to be near me. Usually people like me.Rose went inside her room and came out wearing what I call a dress that was barely there. It was a sexy, black off
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Chapter 5
She didn't speak to me the entire way home. No cursing, no throwing insults, not a word. I didn't push her to say anything and drove her home in silence. She stormed inside the house as soon as I parked the car without saying a word to me. Jeez...a thank you would've been nice."Mr. Laverne would like to see you," Linda said when I came in," Does this lady live here?
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Chapter 6
A/N: The majority of this story will mainly be from Liam's point of view. It is his story. However, once in a while I'll include Rose's point of view to show how she is feeling, what she thinks about him, etc.Rose's P. O. V.My lif
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Chapter 7
I was speechless when Linda showed me my room. This room was bigger than the living room in my house. I hope I don't get too used to this living arrangement."I don't know what possessed Mr. Laverne to trust a young man like yourself to sleep next door to a young girl like Rose but I suppose I trust his judgment," Linda said. "He had always been great at reading people so I believe you are not the kind of guy to take advantage of this situation."
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Chapter 8
"We are going shopping," Rose announced."Okay," I shrugged."To get you new clothes," she said.
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Chapter 9
"Damn, that beer was potent. My eyes still sting," I said as I parked the car."That's what you get for being an inquisitive moron," Rose said."Well excuse me, but some of us do their jobs like they are supposed to. But I guess you wouldn't know that" I said.
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