Mercy what will take for you to give alpha Damien a chance” I knew the only reason my best friend Lucia wanted to visit was to ask me this very same question. She has been asking this since I did not find my mate when I turned 18 and that was 10 months ago. Oh the alpha his talking about is our alpha, Damien alpha of Crescent Moon Pack, he just took over the role from his father who wanted to retire early and travel the world with his mate and our former Luna Christine. Alpha Damien is a few years older than me; he too has not found his mate and according to him he does not want to find her because he wants me to be his chosen mate. “Oh, my Lucia, how many times must I tell you that that am waiting for my…” she cut me off “Your mate I know! But what if you don’t find him and lose out on the opportunity to be the Luna of the pack and be with the sexy Damien.” She said in a dreamy voice and I rolled my eyes at her. Lucia is a hopeless romantic I tell you; she just wants to have double dates with me and Damien, her mate and Gama of the pack Xavier. “did you forget you have a mate?” I asked with my eyebrow raised. “Ha! Just because I have a mate does not mean am blind, I love Xavier to death! He is my mate after all, but I can still see good looking men! It would be a sin not to!” Oh, Goddess she likes to exaggerate! “Let’s make a deal, If I don’t find him in two weeks when we go to that meeting at Black Moon Pack then I will consider Damien’s proposal.” ‘I will not!’ but I cannot say that to her, or she will be on my case till the Moon Goddess comes. “Now I hate that Xavier is only a Gama.” She sulks “Don’t lie Lucia you just wanted an opportunity to dress up that’s all.” She rolls her eyes giving a bored expression. “Just because you are more tomboy than a woman is not my fault, the Goddess knows I have tried and failed with you, but seriously though Mercy talk to alpha Damien about taking Xavier with him so that you don’t get bored there alone.” Like I would get bored when Damien will be clinging on me like I will disappear if he let go. “No! I don’t want to be asking things from him giving him hope, I don’t want to lead him on Lucia” I say firmly, she cliques her tongue and takes her phone and does something. Moments later Damien mind links me ‘you can take Lucia with you if you want someone to talk to while am busy in a meeting with the alpha’s” I glared at Lucia who just smiles innocently, she’s impossible I tell you! ‘she can only go if you are taking her mate with you.’ I replied ‘Xavier is my Gama so he and my beta are coming with me’ seriously who will look after the pack when the alpha, beta and Gama are absent at the same time. ‘I don’t think that is wise alpha, you can’t take all the leaders of the pack and leave it vulnerable like that’ I voiced my concerns. ‘this is why I want you to be my Luna, you care for the pack Mercy and I have no doubt that you will make the best Luna Crescent Moon has ever had’ I rolled my eyes  at his statement. “We need to find mate soon Mercy, Damien is annoying” I laughed “I know Mercia, let’s hope we will find him soon’ I say to my wolf, she doesn’t like the idea of us being with Damien. “I don’t want Damien I want mate” she whines “I know” I cut the link. “let’s go for a run I need it” I say to Lucia and she gets up dragging her feet. “Right! Because every werewolf likes to run” I cannot believe this girl, he acts more like a human than a werewolf. I mean tell me of one werewolf that does not like to go for a run. Well Lucia does not, this friend of mine does not even like to shift, says it messes her hair! The way she carries herself sometimes I feel like the Moon Goddess made a mistake by not giving her an alpha for a mate, she would have made a great Luna.

Black Moon Pack, alpha John was in his office waiting for his beta, Gama, and Collen to come through as he called them for a meeting. His Gama Sam walks in first followed by beta Jackson then Collen shortly after. “Right! I have called you all here to inform you that I have invited other alpha’s to a formal dinner meeting to discuss the rogue attacks and also to ask them to help us should a war with Silver Moon break out.” Stated alpha John “ Did you not invite alpha Black for this meeting?” asked beta Jackson “ I have however I will not mention the war I will just word it as should we need assistance I would like their support. Not inviting Lucas Black would cause more problems and I don’t need that right now.” The men nodded “I think that is a good idea alpha and am sure Luna won’t have a problem planning it.” Said beta Jackson agreeing with the idea, indeed they will need help should a war break out. “I will double the security for the day and double the number of warriors paroling our borders.” Said Gama Sam “Whatever you do don’t expect me to smile and pretend because I won’t do it.” Stated Collen coldly not even looking at the men in front of him. “Just don’t cause problems son I beg of you.” Pleaded alpha John “Far from it but I won’t pretend.” With that he left going back to his training, lately he has been having afternoon training with the warriors training them in fighting using weapons laced with wolf bane and silver. Also, the warriors that train with him get a dose of wolf bane every day so that their wolves can be used to it and not be weakened by it as much as a normal wolf would. Of course alpha John and beta Jackson didn’t agree to this but he went and did it anyway, taking his former friends since he doesn’t treat them as friends anymore, Mike beta Jackson’s son, Luke Gama Sam’s son, Adrian head warrior Demetrio’s son and other warriors that wanted to learn from him. He has 30 warriors training with him his friends included. He might not have the ability to feel anymore but he still wanted to keep his pack and father safe. Not that them being killed will make a difference to him. When he got back to the training grounds his warriors were already hard at training, he nodded then joined them.

In an unknown location an alpha was planning to attack at the dinner in the next two weeks. “This dinner is the best opportunity to attack without them suspecting.” Said the alpha “Don’t give us orders we are not your pack, we might be rogues but we have brains too, not all of us are savage you know. “Said the leader of the rogue pack that occupies the land right below the snow mountain.

“I never said that, but you can also agree that this is a good plan.” Said the alpha “I agree, I will talk to my sister then we will be ready, but you better keep your word, or your pack will be next on our target list. We do need land you know; we can’t keep hiding in this mountain we need pack lands; we have pups here and this environment is not conducive to raise them.” The alpha nodded. “after the attack you can claim that land, I have no use for it, however, keep your witch sister away from me and my pack.” The rogue leader smirked. “Just keep your end of the deal and I will. If not, I can’t guarantee what her actions will be.” The alpha trembled at the thought but quickly masked it and agreed to the terms.

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