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They shared a pack, a womb born of the same parents. Their bond was so strong they even shared a bed. They were totally inseparable. They kept this bond as they grew up. Even when their parents tried, they could not agree on the use separate beds they were in love with the routine and system of being together all the time. Parents eventually succeeded on separate beds but not the bedroom.Collen and Carla were identical twins and were into similar things. The situation drastically changed when a tragic accident occurred and took Carla’s life, there after Collen was never the same. He was lost and the pain he felt consumed him. He was drenched in pain and sorrow. Months passed and Collen still could not get over his sisters’ death. In his mind he had long concluded he could not live without his sister and the only way for the pain to end was to join Carla in the after-life.Collen decided to take his own life by jumping over a cliff and while he was busy executing his plan a witch suddenly appeared from nowhere and offered to help him take away his pain and sorrow. On agreement with the witch she took away his ability to feel. This became the dawn of Lucifer the heartless, painless and stress free.

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60 Chapters
 CollenStanding on top on the cliff gazing at the beautiful scenery in front of me, small gentle breeze brushed against my face making me feel at peace. " Am coming Carla, wait for me." I whispered hoping the wind would take the message and blow it to her ears. " Moon Goddess please accept me, I know taking my life is not what you want for me, I know you might have a purpose for me in this life but I can’t live without her." How could I ever think of living when my other half is dead? my life is nothing without her. We were supposed to live this life together just like we came into it together, grew up, played, and studied together. We were supposed to die together too, why was I robbed of her, why do I get to live, and she does not?I went closer to the cliff and thought of my parents, Alpha and Luna Black. I hope they understand that I had no choice in this. " Am sorry" I whispered and closed my eyes ready to jump, my feet moved closer to the edge
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The changes
 "Baam!! two cars collided sending the passenger of one flying out the windscreen bumping onto the car’s windscreen as they collided, then landing on the other side of the road with a thud. The driver landed a few feet away from the car, ears ringing and bleeding. Head buzzing and eyes heavy. But he forced his green eyes open, they were blurry as he continued to blink trying to adjust to light, he finally saw what he was looking for or rather who he was looking for. His twin sister on the other side of the road in the middle of the opposite lane, at that time she was already runover by one car and another was coming fast as the driver was not paying attention but looking at the accident scene on the other side. He tried to call out for her to move out of the way, but it only came out as a painful whimper, the car ran her over at the same time separating her head from her body. The head rolled on the road a few times then stopped with the eyes staring
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'Kill him'
 He was laying on a rock that he and his sister use to lay on by the river. They used to sit right in the very same spot talking after their training, but since Carla passed, he never set foot there but toady he was here. He enjoyed the peace and quiet around even though it was not completely quiet as he could hear the small animal noises around the forest due to his werewolf hearing. ‘You shouldn’t have spoken to her that way Collen, she’s our mother’ he rolled his eyes annoyed by his wolf ‘That’s funny coming from you Carl, what happen to the mean wolf I had, one that was only worried about finding his mate’ Carl snickered ‘ I still worry about finding mate but having you behave like me is weird’Collen chuckle
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 “Mercy what will take for you to give alpha Damien a chance” I knew the only reason my best friend Lucia wanted to visit was to ask me this very same question. She has been asking this since I did not find my mate when I turned 18 and that was 10 months ago. Oh the alpha his talking about is our alpha, Damien alpha of Crescent Moon Pack, he just took over the role from his father who wanted to retire early and travel the world with his mate and our former Luna Christine. Alpha Damien is a few years older than me; he too has not found his mate and according to him he does not want to find her because he wants me to be his chosen mate. “Oh, my Lucia, how many times must I tell you that that am waiting for my…” she cut me off “Your mate I know! But what if you don&r
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 The pack house was nicely decorated for the day, everything looked beautiful and elegant. Luna Katherine went all out to make this dinner a success, she even got two additional chefs to assist their pack chef with making the dishes. Gamma Sam had doubled the warriors on the borders as promised and Collin’s warriors were also on patrol, 5 on each border assisting with the patrol while the others will be security at the dinner, he got them all black suits and instructed them to stand on each corner of the room, others outside the pack house and be vigilant. The time for the alphas to arrive came Alpha John and Luna Katherine were ready to go and welcome the guests as they started arriving. “Darling, where is Collin? I would like for him to join us in wel
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The attack
Everyone took their seats Collin seating next to Alpha John on his right and Luna Katherine seating on his left. Mercy was seating across from him and Damien next to her on her left, Lucia on her right and her mate next to her. The omega’s brought in the starters and they started eating having small talk here and there.Mercy kept stealing glances at Collin who was focused on his meal, alpha Damien saw this and whispered to her. “What is the matter?” Mercy didn’t know why he was asking, she frowned and asked “Why?” Damien looked at her lovingly. “You keep looking at him, did he do something?” asked Alpha Damien concerned.
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Alpha's death
Indeed Collin was the first one to wake up in just 20 minutes after alpha Lucas and the rogues left together with the witch. He looked around after waking up feeling emptier than he did when the witch took his ability to feel, he stood up and looked around. He saw everyone laying on the ground, his first thought was that they were dead but the soft snores proved that they were only asleep.He started taking out the dead bodies from the hall putting them outside, he saw that outside was the same as inside the hall, it was full of dead bodies and sleeping werewolves. 5 minutes of him taking out the bodies two at a time his warriors arrived with the injured warriors. Others have started to heal while others needed a hospital.
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He has a demon soul
A week has passed since the attack on Black Moon Pack, the funerals of the fallen have been held and were all laid to rest. Luna Katherine spent her time in the room she shared with her mate alpha John, Marcy has been with her since she decided to stay with her mate, not that he has given her any attention but she didn’t mind at all since she has been  busy with trying to cheer up the Luna and make sure that she is never alone.Collin has taken over the pack as the alpha and his main purpose since he took over the position was to train the warriors of the pack to be the best they can be. He gave beta Jackson all the other pack work until he is satisfied with the performance of the warriors then he will fully take over. His goal
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MercyAfter leaving the training grounds Luna and I walked around the pack lands with her showing me around. “That is the orphanage where all the pups that lost their parents stay. We have she wolves who volunteered to stay there and look after them. Most of them are those who lost their mates, they say looking after the pups gives them a purpose.”The sadness is visible in Luna’s eyes am sure she’s also thinking about joining those she wolves just to pass time and be able to live through each day. “Luna I have been meaning to ask, is Collin always like this?” I don’t know him well but I sure as hell know that t
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Seeking Relationship advice
The following day after training Collin called Mike aside and asked if they could talk. Mike who has not had any personal interaction with Collin since he changed besides training, was shocked by the request but quickly dismissed it as another pack matter, he is soon to be his beta so they will have to talk. He went to the alpha’s office and found him there talking to his father beta Jackson.He stood aside and waited for them to finish talking. Beta Jackson was updating Collin on pack matters that his been handling. When they were done beta Jackson left the office and Mike took his seat and waited for Collin to tell him what he called him for, however he didn’t say anything, he looked like someone who was deep in thoughts.
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