The attack

Everyone took their seats Collin seating next to Alpha John on his right and Luna Katherine seating on his left. Mercy was seating across from him and Damien next to her on her left, Lucia on her right and her mate next to her. The omega’s brought in the starters and they started eating having small talk here and there.

Mercy kept stealing glances at Collin who was focused on his meal, alpha Damien saw this and whispered to her. “What is the matter?” Mercy didn’t know why he was asking, she frowned and asked “Why?” Damien looked at her lovingly. “You keep looking at him, did he do something?” asked Alpha Damien concerned.

Mercy didn’t know that he saw her when she was looking at Collin, now she didn’t know what to tell him, before she could answer Collin answered first. “She is my mate you know, I don’t think she needs a reason to look at her mate.” He said coldly not even looking at alpha Damien. Mercy was shocked that he said that, she thought he didn’t care but him saying that warmed her heart.

Alpha John and Luna Katherine had stopped eating eyes wide from the news of Collin finding his mate, Damien was furious, he regretted bringing her along with him and now that she has found her mate then his chance of having her as his chosen mate was of no use. Which angered him more but he composed himself trying to act civilised. “Congratulations to you and Mercy young alpha. They say one finding their mate finds a beautiful gift from the Moon Goddess. You both are truly blessed.” The words came out bitter from Damien’s mouth.

Collin just glared at him “It is okay to vent your anger you know, just don’t expect me to give a damn though.” He paused before continuing “I saw how you were looking at my mate when you came here and that was a look of a man that fancies a woman but you wont get her now because am here. Serves you right though for messing with forbidden fruit, she wasn’t yours to begin with.” Said Collin giving Damien and bored look before going back to his food.

The table was quiet, alpha and Luna Katherine were holding their breaths waiting for Damien to explode and vent his anger for the way Collin spoke to him. However alpha Lucas’s laughter was what broke the silence, he was laughing so hard even had tears on the corners of his eyes. “Man I like this boy! We need more people like him in this world” he said still laughing looking at a fuming Damien.

“Let me follow your foot steps young alpha and be blunt as well. I cant praise you then turn back and be a hypocrite now can I?” he said looking at Collin who was more focused on his glass of wine than him “Very well, there will be an attack on your pack John in the next…he paused looking at his watch.. minute, in the next minute, its time I took your land now John after killing each one of you.” Said alpha Lucas looking at alpha John with a smirk on his face.

“Of course you can stand and fight with him all of you but you won’t win but I guess fighting will at least give you a chance to die with honour, if there is any honour in dying for another man and his pack. Or you can stand by me and I guarantee you wont die. Your choice.” Continued alpha Lucas, alpha John and his beta stood up. Other alphas, betas and gammas that were present stood up ready to fight.

Collin who was still seated not bothered by what was going on around him got a mind link from one of his warrior assisting at the border ‘Collin, rogues managed to pass through, warriors are badly injured it’s only the 5 of us left standing on the East border. There are too many for the five of us so others managed to get pass they are heading to the pack house. They have disguised their scent you wont smell them till they are close that is how they got the upper hand on this side’ Collin sat up straight after hearing that but soon after Mike finished talking through their mind link he got the same message from the other warriors from other borders.

He linked his warriors inside standing guard inside and outside the pack house and they nodded after hearing his message and took their fighting stance. “SHUT UP!” Collin’s cold voice echoed in the hall and everyone kept quiet and looked at him. “We are under attack, rogues have managed to pass through our borders and are headed this way.” He said coldly and quickly scanned the room and saw other alphas like Damien going to stand next to alpha Lucas silently siding with him.

Mercy followed his eyes and saw what he was looking at. She got disgusted seeing Damien standing next to alpha Lucas who is clearly responsible for the attack. He has a smug look on his face looking straight at Collin, Mercy even doubted that he was innocent in this, the way he was behaving made her think that he too was involved in the plot to attack the Black Moon Pack. However she didn’t have time to ponder more on the thought as Collin spoke once again.

“You can stand with him if you like and this wont affect you as he said, if not get ready to fight!” his eyes were cold and distant, before anyone could say anything windows broke on all sides of the hall. Sending glasses flying on all directions, while they were still looking at that screams were heard from outside the hall. She wolves and pups screaming was one thing Mercy couldn’t stand so as soon as she heard it she ran out to assist.

Nobody had time to do anything else as rogues came in through the broken windows in numbers, eyes blood shot red and canines extracted. Collin started fighting, so did alpha John and beta Jackson. Others were still shocked by the number of rogues that just came in, usually it will be 3 or 4 rogues trespassing on pack lands but they would be apprehended at the border. But this, meant that they were not just rogues but a pack with an alpha leading them.

They snapped out of their trace when more rogues came in and came at them. That is when they started fighting, Alpha Lucas was enjoying seeing alpha John losing, he was fighting 5 rogues all on his own but he didn’t like what he saw when he looked at Collin, piles of bodies were surrounding him, he didn’t know how he killed that many in such a short period of time. Moreover with him fighting in his human form together with the warriors that were standing guard inside the pack house. Clearly he underestimated Collin!

However he soon recovered his smile when he saw more rogues coming in, he too didn’t know how many there were as he only met with only a few each time they met to discuss the attack. Mercy was busy outside fighting rogues with the warriors and helping the she wolves get enough time to go to the safe house with the pups. Inside Damien scanned the room for her but couldn’t find her, he went out looking for her frantically, he spotted her fighting two rogues with her dress ripped and stained with blood.

He got frightened by the sight of blood on her and went to her shifting into his big brown wolf, when he got there he quickly killed the two rogues and mind linked Mercy. ‘sweetheart, are you hurt?’ he asked but Mercy didn’t respond she continued helping the she wolves and pups quickly, Damien went and blocked her way. ‘sweetheart answer me, are you hurt? We can leave now and go home we don’t need to be involved in this it doesn’t concern us.’ When he said that Mercy snapped her head quickly to look at him.

‘maybe this doesn’t concern you Damien but it concerns me! This is my mates pack and am not leaving.’ She snapped at him ‘am your alpha and I command you to come with me!’ said Damien using his alpha tone, Mercy wolf whimpered at the hash tone but she pushed through that feeling disgusted by him more than she ever was, at this point she was grateful she waited for her mate instead of settling with someone like him.

‘you are not my alpha Damien, I belong here now! Leave if you will but am staying!’ she said and left him there groaning angry that she chose Collin over him. The witch was standing on the side lines watching as his brothers rogue pack was being killed, at first she didn’t want to do anything, she felt that disguising their scents was enough but when she saw Collin going for her brother and seeing the many rogues he has already killed in his human form! She couldn’t risk it.

She quickly recited a spell putting all of them to sleep, giving the rogues the upper hand as the Black Moon Pack members and other alpha’s who were fighting with them suddenly lost their energy with their eyes forcing themselves to close. That is when alpha John was killed by the rogue he was fighting just before every werewolf that was fighting with them fell on the ground suddenly falling asleep. Collin included “Take your people and leave now! The spell wont last long on the young alpha and if he wakes up with you still here he will kill you all!” shouted the witch to her brother the rogue leader.

Alpha Lucas was irritated “What can one young boy do to all these rogues!” he shouted back annoyed by her comment. “Stay and find out if you will Lucas!” said the witch, her brother looked at her and she nodded. He spoke to his rogues that still lived and they left the Black Moon Pack lands immediately. Alpha Lucas had no choice but to leave as well as everyone that stood with him was put to sleep by the spell, he was the only one left now and he couldn’t risk finding out what Collin would do when he woke up. He told himself that he was not scared of the young boy as he called him but was only leaving because the war was over and he was the only one remaining.

He went to where he last saw alpha John and saw him laying in a very awkward way with his neck looking like only the flesh was keeping it connected to the rest of the body. He was dead with his neck snapped, he kneeled in front of his body. “ Oh John if only you didn’t take Katherine from me back then none of this would have happened. You took her from me even after knowing how I felt about her, so what if she is your mate? I saw her first and loved her first but you took her!” he spat on alpha John’s dead body and left.

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