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The following day after training Collin called Mike aside and asked if they could talk. Mike who has not had any personal interaction with Collin since he changed besides training, was shocked by the request but quickly dismissed it as another pack matter, he is soon to be his beta so they will have to talk. He went to the alpha’s office and found him there talking to his father beta Jackson.

He stood aside and waited for them to finish talking. Beta Jackson was updating Collin on pack matters that his been handling. When they were done beta Jackson left the office and Mike took his seat and waited for Collin to tell him what he called him for, however he didn’t say anything, he looked like someone who was deep in thoughts.

Mike debated on whether to say something or wait for him and say something first. He doesn’t understand this Collin, however he knew his friend from back then very well, this one however he still needed sometime to learn and understand. Moreover he was no ordinary person now but an alpha, not an easy one at that.

Collin finally lifted his head and looked at Mike with an indifferent expression. “I believe you have found your mate.” Mike was shocked by the statement, he didn’t know that his old friend still cared about his personal life. However this pleased Mike, to him it meant not that not all is lost with his friend. “Yes, I found her last week” he smiled thinking about how wonderful Sara is.

Collin saw his expression and raised his eyebrow. “How does it feel having her around?” he asked once again and Mike’s smile widened. “It’s the best feeling in the world, its like everything brightens up and I feel content whenever she’s around. It’s the same way you feel now that your mate is here.” Collin squinted his eyes looking at his old friend.

“I doubt it” Mike understood what he meant, his friend lost his ability to feel so how he feels…well sees his mate and interact with her might be different from how he is with his mate Sara. He felt sorry for his friend that he can’t experience such a wonderful feeling of having your mate by your side. “I

understand” Mike finally said.

“Carl threatened to mark and mate her if I don’t treat her right.” Mike laughed, he was glad that at least something about this old friend of his was still the same, he still remembers how Carl was when he took control and understood why his friend was questioning him just now. “That sure sounds like your wolf” commented Mike with a smirk on his face.

“His not the Carl you used to know, his changed now because of her.” Said Collin bitter, Mike wanted to laugh, knowing how Collin is now and how a wolf behaves around his mate he understood his predicament. “MM,” said Mike trying to avoid saying too much because he didn’t think he will be able to hold his laughter any longer and Collin’s expression was not helping at all.

“So you are not planning on marking your mate?” asked Mike looking out the window trying to avoid looking at Collin as he couldn’t stop himself from laughing at this expression. However when an answer didn’t come Mike looked at his friend then busted out laughing, Collin’s expression looked like that of a child with a disgusted face not wanting to eat broccoli.

“What’s so funny?” he asked seriously while Mike was trying hard to stop laughing. “Oh nothing, nothing at all.” Said Mike amused. “Am not marking her.” He said seriously. “What are you going to do? Because if you don’t Carl will.” Mike asked his friend who didn’t even think twice about giving an answer. “You will help me” Mike gave him an amused look.

He wondered if he still remembers what he used to say. “Okay, but do you remember what you used to say back then?” Collin looked at Mike then shook his head. “No” he simply said not wanting to entertain that thought. “When I find my mate I will be the best mate that ever existed, I will treat her right, love her and mark her on the first day so that everyone knows that she belongs to me, that she’s mine!” Mike reminded him.

“You could say that I was stupid back then. Now what can I do to ‘treat’ the she wolf right?” Mike was stunned, questions were running through his mind ‘his not serious right’ ‘who doesn’t know what treating someone right is?’ ‘is he that damaged?’ those were the questions Mike had in mind but he asked none. “Do you even know what your mate’s name is?” that was the less offensive question Mike decided to ask.

“No, do you?” ‘unbelievable!’ Mike thought “Then you can start by learning her name.” said Mike not liking this version of Collin much, mates are secrete yet here he is treating his like nothing! It made him mad. “Sure let me mind link mother she will know.” This made Mike fume in anger but he held himself from saying anything.

“No, that will seem insincere, part of treating someone right is learning their name, not from others but by yourself from her and I don’t mean ask her name then turn back and leave.” Said Mike seriously. “What else must I do then?” Mike wanted to slap him back to his sense. “Spend time with her, you can do it now, go ask her name and spend time with her getting to know her.” Collin frowned.

He didn’t want to get to know her, that will be a waste of his time. “Is there no other way other than spending time with her?” now it was Mike’s turn to frown looking at Collin but he was looking at him expecting an answer. “No! there is no other way, go ask her to watch a movie with you or some thing then ask her name and what she likes.” Said Mike sternly.

“But I don’t want to know what she likes, you don’t seem to understand that she talks too much and doesn’t know when to shut up. I can’t stand that, you are also giving me a headache leave now.” Mike looked at him in disbelief then stood up and walked to the door but stopped and turned to look at him. “Then I guess you have decided to let Carl mark and mate her without your consent.” Said Mike then opened the door and left.

‘You wouldn’t do that right’ Collin asked Carl who didn’t answer, he got annoyed by the silence and mind linked one of his warriors asking where the she wolf mate as he calls her was. They told him that she was in the lounge, he left the office and went to the lounge. He saw her and debated with himself whether to go in or just let her be.

But thinking about Carl marking and mating with her stopped him from turning around leaving. He wore his indifferent expression and went in then took a seat on the single couch not far from her. Mercy was shocked by this but didn’t say anything. “What’s your name?” he asked not even looking at her. “ name is Mercy.” She answered but wondered why is he only asking her name now.

“mm” that’s all he said then kept quiet for a few seconds. “What do you like?” Mercy was shocked, ‘was he trying to get to know her?’ “Training, going for a run, reading, cooking and watching action movies. Oh I hate baby marrow and am allergic to nuts.” Collin was already annoyed by her talking, he wanted her to shut up now “mm” he said, he only heard that she hated baby marrow and was allergic to nuts.

“Choose a movie, lets watch, I only have 20 minutes though” he said but Mercy was delighted, her mate wanted to spend time with her, even if it was 20 minutes. To her it meant a lot! From avoiding and not talking to her to talking a little and sparing 20 minutes for her, that was big and she was happy.

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