Author: Lady Tamia



Standing on top on the cliff gazing at the beautiful scenery in front of me, small gentle breeze brushed against my face making me feel at peace. " Am coming Carla, wait for me." I whispered hoping the wind would take the message and blow it to her ears. " Moon Goddess please accept me, I know taking my life is not what you want for me, I know you might have a purpose for me in this life but I can’t live without her." How could I ever think of living when my other half is dead? my life is nothing without her. We were supposed to live this life together just like we came into it together, grew up, played, and studied together. We were supposed to die together too, why was I robbed of her, why do I get to live, and she does not?

I went closer to the cliff and thought of my parents, Alpha and Luna Black. I hope they understand that I had no choice in this. " Am sorry" I whispered and closed my eyes ready to jump, my feet moved closer to the edge and I felt no gravity beneath my left foot when I stepped forward. Just then I felt myself falling, I wasn’t scared on the contrary I was content, suddenly a gush of wind blew past me so fast that I opened my eyes just as the person was putting me back on the ground a little further from the cliff. A witch, her scent told me she was a witch, they have a distinct scent far different from us werewolves.

" What is it you seek?" she just looked at me and tilted her head to the side, her green eyes never leaving mine. She looked at me for a good minute then I got irritated and turned to walk back to the cliff. " I can help you" I stopped on my tracks, she can help me 'ha ha ha, she is funny really but I don’t have time for jokes' I thought then started moving again. " I can take away the pain" she spoke again ' This bloody witch has no idea, no fucking idea what am going through! take away the pain, why, when all I want is to be with her?' " No thank you" I moved closer to the cliff now not wanting to waste time talking to a bloody witch, if only I was with Carla, we would have separated her pretty little head from her body. When I thought of that a picture of Carla's head rolling on the road flashed in my mind and I tensed then shook my head to get rid of the memory and moved forward. " There is to be an attack, alpha black is going to die that day are you sure you want to leave your mother with the pain of losing both her children and mate. I know you werewolves and mates, she will surely die of pain, do you think you can live with that knowing you could have been there for her?" irritating vermin! " I don’t want to live witch!, so I won’t have to see her live through that pain" who does she think she is, mother can join us if she can’t bare the pain, there we can be a family again.

Suddenly I was pushed back with so much force that I fell on my butt, before I could react, she placed her thumb on my forehead and a memory played in my mind. Carla and I were seating by the river after training, we kept throwing stones in the water as we sat there in silence. 'what would you do if I were to die before you?' she had asked me 'I would join you' there was no doubt in my mind when I answered. ‘No, I wouldn’t want that, I would want you to take the alpha position, dad is old and you know his only in that position because we are still in school' she removed her hand " How can you remove the pain and void in side me?" after that memory I gave up on the idea of joining her, she didn’t want me to. "That's for me to know" must witches always be complicated! " Will I ever feel anything again?" ' do I even want to? I don’t think so. " The day you meet your mate is when you will feel again" I wonder what difference my mate is going to make " Do it" she didn’t need to be told twice, she chanted some words under her breath then when she finished I felt nothing, no pain, no regret, no sadness, nothing!

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