The still born child

At the hospital...

Martha didn't blinked a second when she raised the new born child of Diana and Thamer. Her son-in-law lsaw it too and they looked at each other. She raised the child again upside down to let him cry but it didn't happened. Diana fell asleep after giving birth to their son. " Mom! What happened? Is he dead or what? Tell me!" He shook his mother's shoulder. Thamer's head wasn't in good shape. That child was their first baby so he knew that his wife would be in misery if she learned that their baby died.

Martha took a deep breath. She's about to say something when the child let out a loud cry. Thamer jumped in joy. He's face who's been shattered was now back into pieces. " Yes! He's alive! Mom our baby is alive!" He shouted and took the baby from his mother-in-law. He set his gaze to his son and he saw their similarities. He smiled to know that his eyes was took after him, dark-blue like the silent ocean and his wavy curly hair. 

" Son, I'll raise you like a normal kid. I want you to grow like one of them" he said and the tears started to stream down his face. Martha just put a little smile on her face. She's happy that Diana had a beautiful family. She's hoping that no more chaos and bloods dripping on each one's innocent body.

Thamer kissed his son. " We will call you Adoneram, the holy one", he said and raised his son above his head. 

He didn't know that Diana just woke up and she heard it. She smiled while her eyes was closed.

After three days, Diana was now fully recovered and they decided to go home. Everyone in the mansion were very excited to welcome them. 

Alexer was busy preparing the balloons outside the main door and Alexis was also busy preparing the flowers while Drake was also busy on his own project, which is sitting. Just joking.  

The Reid family parked their car in their garage. Diana was a little bit dizzy, maybe the side effects of the medicine she took for breastfeeding their son, Adoneram.

When Diana, Thamer and Martha hop outside the car, everyone throws them a rain of flowers. " Welcome home!" They're all standing outside the main door. Everyone was cheering on them. The couple had no idea what's going on but they're happy to see that everyone was wasting their time to have a little party.

" Where's Aries?" Thamer asked his brother Alexer. Aries was one of his real father's Damah. He said that when Diana gave birth, he would go up to Earth to congratulate them. 

The wind stop and the sun rose up so high with a blazing heat of fire. They knew he's coming. Then from a half serpent, he transformed into his usual human form. He bowed in front of the couple with his fist in front of his chest. 

" As my promise, congratulations to the newlyweds and newly parents! I came here also to tell you that the King was very happy for your son!" He said and both of them were very happy to hear it.

" Please tell dad that I missed him!" Thamer added. 

Diana took her baby inside their bedroom. She looked at him closely and she smiled to know that his son is normal. She checked his pulse and heartbeat and it's there. Her negative thoughts faded away about her son being a Cambion like his father. She would not allowed that to happened. Besides, Diana is a mortal and Thamer is a half mortal and immortal. She knows that her husband will die if he's in human form when someone attacked him but he can't be defeated by anyone else if he turned into a demon. Just like his father Tore, he's more powerful than anyone else, got fooled by his brother but he stood up to regained his supremacy underworld.


Victor pov

Ragnarok town...

We're not safe here anymore. Yennifer was not safe here. The whispering winds blows on my face and the porch outside our house dies from the swirling winds like a tornado.

I wiped my face with my wrinkled hands and I quickly shut the door behind me. I went inside and checked my wife and my daughter who was soundly sleeping under the full moonlight of the Goddess Moon Selene. I'm happy to see them so peaceful and beautiful. I never imagined to find a baby girl inside the wilderness of a forest. 

But every year, when it's Yennifer's birthday, the howling of wolves could be hear from here. It seemed like tthey're calling each other or they're mourning to someone. Their wailing sounds put shivers all over my bones. Wolves are one of the deadliest animals in the forest and I once killed a black one. It's too fast and cunning but I managed to overpower him by fiercing the sharp sword in his heart. I didn't planned to kill him but he attacked me first and I had to defend myself as a human. 

I heard a rambling sounds of a thunder from heaven. The heavy rain was about to fall. It's already winter and Yennifer had no enough jackets to fight the coldness of the nature. I'm planning to buy her a new one. 

Marie and I were very happy to have her. Yennifer is very beautiful like a goddess. Her wavy curly hair, her big rounded grey eyes and her pointed noise defined her true beauty. 

I'm busy reminiscing the old days when I found her inside the cave with my pet Lirah. If I didn't come on time, maybe she's one of Lirah's food for that day. I took my jacket hanging beside the door and checked the situation outside and my eyes widened when I saw a pack of red wolves, parading outside our house. " God! The Lycans!" I blurted out. I quickly took my now and arrow and out it behind me and I took my rifle under the bed. Marie felt it and she woke up. Her eyes was still half closed, still half asleep. She yawned. " Dear, what's the matter? " She asked me. I had no time for a chit-chat so I told her to wake up Yennifer and prepared the things for us for a travel. " The Lycans! They're here! Get up quick and don't make any noise", I instructed my wife Marie. 

Yennifer just woke up to our conversation. She was surprised to the sudden roaring sounds of lightning outside. She ran and wrapped her little arms to her mother. " I'm scared!" She said. Marie hug her back. " It's okay we'll be fine. Your dad is a great wild hunter after all!" She told her little girl while her eyes was on me. I saw in my wife's brown eyes that she's scared like hell but this is the life she chose and she's determined.

I told them to stay inside and keep quiet. My eyes peep through the little opening of the window from the kitchen and I let a sigh of relieved when the red wolves wasn't there anymore. 

We decided to spent the night before we leave this place for tomorrow morning.


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