Fight for Love

Yennifer started to wriggle the bars of her cage when Gerald left her inside the pitch room.

"Take me out of here you asshole! Gerald, you fucker!" She kept screaming and her loud voice echoes inside like roaring thunder.

Her she-wolf was crying inside her. She's weak and devastated because her wolf mate was gone and she was the one who rejected Gerald.

"Why you reject my mate? I want my wolf and I needed him Yennifer!" Ebi, her wolf was talking to her.

She tried to control herself to prevent her wolf from shifting.

"You can't summon me what to do because you're inside me and I was the one to decide who am I going to choose Ebi!" Yennifer mumbled.

She doesn't want to hurt her she-wolf but what about her? She doesn't like her so-called mate and even in death, she would never love him.

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