Demons within Me (The Cambion's Son) Book 2

Demons within Me (The Cambion's Son) Book 2

By:  Kate Granada  Completed
Language: English
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*COMPLETED* This is the second book of my first story " Demons within Me series entitled " The Incubus Slave".A story of Diana and Thamer's son. Adoneram Reid is a cambion. He inherited the demon's ability from his father Thamer. Diana thought that he's not a cambion like his father but on his 21st birthday, his cambion's transformation begun. They kept it from everybody to keep him safe until he fell in love with a werewolf girl named Yennifer Lorca. But this girl made their lives in chaos. She's the lost daughter of an Alpha King Lucian. She had a mate from their pack and he was Gerald Itopia. He would do anything to find her and the battle begun between the Cambions, Lycans, Vampires, and Werewolves when Yennifer chose Adoneram's side, her first love. Would true love prevail or the enemies? Ps. Please read Book 1 first to understand the story briefly.

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Glory Mae Quilino Cruz
Yes i read it it was good and i feel d story is true
2020-12-06 16:14:21
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Cc Lopez
Amazing books!! such a great writer!!
2020-11-24 23:20:06
60 Chapters
The existence of two races
Chapter One The Werewolf raceThe Alpha King, Lucian, howled when he saw his brother's Xerxes' lifeless body. He had scratches and bites all over his body from the Rogue's claws and canines. They attacked their territory while he's in a wild haunt. The wind blows harder and it makes louder noise. He roamed his eyes around him and he saw his packs who battled with the savage Rogues, lying there lifeless and bodies pooled with their own bloods. They're a group of wolves who loved to colonized one territory to another until they got satisfied. They're a type of wolves who's meaner, hostile, vicious and one of the uncivilized pack of wolves. On the other side of the mountain, Lucian's Beta, Amir, carried the Alpha Luna, Cena, weeping and wincing in pain whose in labor. The Queen is pregnant and she's conceiving their first breed. 
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The Hunter met the She-wolf
Chapter two Amir mourned for the death of his Queen Cena. He's carrying the Alpha King's daughter. The child is a girl, a werewolf girl.He keeps on howling to tell the King and his packs of their exact location." My King, it's a Luna, just like her mother" Amir link his mind to Lucian. " What about Cena,my wife? How's she?" He asked him. "She's dead!" Amir didn't want to scared the King but he had no other option. Lucian just howled. He ducked his head and his tail. He's in a wolf form. They're traveling to their location with his remaining packs. They all mourned to the Queen's death. They ran, racing with each other while finding for their new territory. The Canary Kingdom was taken by the Rogues ( the
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The still born child
At the hospital... Martha didn't blinked a second when she raised the new born child of Diana and Thamer. Her son-in-law lsaw it too and they looked at each other. She raised the child again upside down to let him cry but it didn't happened. Diana fell asleep after giving birth to their son. " Mom! What happened? Is he dead or what? Tell me!" He shook his mother's shoulder. Thamer's head wasn't in good shape. That child was their first baby so he knew that his wife would be in misery if she learned that their baby died.Martha took a deep breath. She's about to say something when the child let out a loud cry. Thamer jumped in joy. He's face who's been shattered was now back into pieces. " Yes! He's alive! Mom our baby is alive!" He shouted and took the baby from his mother-in-law. He set his gaze to his son and he saw their similarities. He smiled to know that his eyes was took after him, dark-blue like the silent ocean and his wavy
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When two world's collide
Ten years laterYennifer povI sighed as I begun packing my things to transfer to another city again. After my dad got attacked by wolves, we left for good from our town called Ragnarok.This is my fifth time of transferring to another school also. I got used to it, to have no permanent address.Today we're going to travel in the town called Newark. It's a little city in New Jersey and we'll be living there for now. " Yennifer, hurry up we're leaving now!" Mom called me from the main door. I'm almost done. I took my bag with me. I glanced for the last time to my long time bedroom, I will miss this place. " Coming mom!" I replied. I saw mom and dad waiting for me outside. Dad at his old age, looks so cool in his comoufladge jacket and his cowboy hat. Mom was always a humble and pretty woman I knew even there's a little wrinkles on her forehead. " Let's go!" I said and they both smiled. We came to the train station and we're very lucky that we made it on time before its last trip.
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Tha Campus Encounter
One week laterYennifer povI leaped from my bed when my alarm started ringing. I stamped my palm to turned it off from my bedside table." Arghhhh! I'm late! " I covered my palm on my forehead. This is my first day at school. We just came here last week and I'm glad that I passed the entrance exam and I got into scholarship." Diana breakfast is ready!" My mom Marie called me from the kitchen." In a minute mom!" I said while all my stuffs were scattered in my bed and my uniform. I'm now making my way to the bathroom for a quick shower.I had no time about singing while I'm taking a bath because I'm out of time. I had no idea what I did last night why I forgot to wake up early.I just put a little make up and a touch of red lipstick on my lips.I quickly took my bag from my bed and ran to the kitchen." Mom I had no time. Will you please save it later? Please!" I said while my hands do a prayer sign.Mom took a sigh and nodded her head at me. " Take it and eat after the class okay!"
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The Other side of the city
Flashback Lycans packs saw the horrible fall of Lucian on the waterfalls. All of them witnessed how some managed to survived from the pit of hell and some didn't make it through.Lycans King Stark ordered his packs to gathered all the werewolves from the fall and took them to their what they called habitat. Lucian and Stark weren't close enough to help each other but Stark had a plan for saving them. He smirked. He's one of the savage, mean and ruthless among the Lycan Kings of all time since the first Alpha died. Some of them got taken to be punished and killed during the war. " Take them!" He ordered. He followed them from above.He loved jumping his legs on the tall trees and swinging his human-like arms on every branches of the said trees.  " Awooooooo!!!" They stop and did the howling sounds under the bright full moon of their Moon Goddess. All the werewolves and rogues might heard them
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A new friend
  Yennifer pov I couldn't sleep tonight because of what happened to my first day of school. Those bastards really got my nerves yesterday. They have to thank me because I'm just a transfer student and I'm still adjusting my life here in this town, they called Newark. The other one's name whom I encountered on a roadway traffic was Ram but I still didn't know the other one's name. Both of them was a pain in my head. "Arghhhh! Enough of this thoughts!" I mumbled while I'm dragging my feet to the kitchen. I felt thirsty so I decided to drink one glass of water. I sat in a while when I heard an another strange sound again from the main door. I decided to go outside since it's not too dark because of the full moon from the dark night. "Am I the only one hearing those sounds at night?" I said to myself. I saw nothing outside s
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The Lycan King's Son
Finding his lost mate... Geralt POV The scent of her made me wanting her even more. I found her but she's too naive to be my mate.Her arrogance and stubbornness made me getting more excited to claim her as my partner. She's not aware of it yet, but soon as I get her attention and claimed her trust, she couldn't sqeeked or cried for help. She's mine to take and she's mine to be owned.  I'm not yet sure if she's the Luna of my heart but I could sense her energy. When she first bumped at me, my heart jumped in joy and I felt the heat begun to flow throughout my nerves. I didn't know that this was the feeling of you're closed to your mate. Dad was right, once you found her, you could feel her and smelled her.  " Dad, I think I found my mate!" I told my dad while we're having a cup of tea outside the garden. 
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We can't change their Fate
" Me? Your mate? Are you a werewolf or something? " Yennifer said and bursted into laughter.Gerald's eyes narrowed at her. He's not joking and she thought that he's really telling nonsense at her." As in, me, I'm not in the mood to babysit with you. Yes, you're my mate!" He told her but Yennifer didn't know what he's point. " Whatever! Are you done, I gotta go" she told him and stood up while putting her backpack behind her. She's about to go when Gerald hold her arms. " Wait, can I bring you home? Just th
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A School Project
Adoneram PoV I had a great sleep last night. Thinking of those steamy moments in my head about Yennifer made me giggled. But suddenly, I feel broken when I remembered yesterday that Gerald brought her home. Of course I had no right to be jealous because I'm not her boyfriend but I can't hide my feelings towards her. She's so enchanting and alluring. I just took a quick shower and let the towel dried my whole body. I took my school uniform in my dresser and put them on. I just combed my black hair upright like a boy next door and I hurriedly go downstairs to have a quick lunch.  " Good morning mom, dad!" I greeted my parents happily and kissed them both on their cheeks. I'm a brat and arrogant student at school but I'm like a soft cotton at heart when it comes to my parents." Good morning son!" Mom said with a wide smile on her lips. " Good morning!" Dad added. " Eat your breakfast n
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