The War Continues

Adoneram PoV

The world I once cherish and live to the fullest was becoming a place of nightmare. Tonight, my parents called us to prepare all of us in a great battle of werewolves, Lycans and us, demons and vampires.

I was lying on my bed to understand what just happened to me in the garden. I can't believe that I turned into a monster with elongated horns, lewd eyes, Piercy's long tail, and pointed sharp fangs. I thought the demon wasn't real and they only appeared in movies but I was wrong. They're not only fantasy creatures but they're real and I was one of them.

The black and scariest entity I encountered a while ago wants to take my mom and wants to kill my dad and I don't know why? Since I was young, mom never told me about the beast,  demons, vampires, Lycans, and Werewolves. 

Now, we just encountered an entity and ran away fro
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