Chapter-6 When the time turned towards us

After Arjun left, Mary decided to inform his parents in this regard. As she had expected, His parents agreed on Arjun's decision. As this was the least they can do. 

Meanwhile, Arjun came to his room and Rhythm followed him along. He was occupied with his thoughts and was completely busy in picking things up and putting them in his backpack. These things include books, helicopter, marbles, bottle spray etc. 

Rhythm kept watching him. He knew something had happened but he waited for him to explain. 

 In the other room, Mary was busy packing his luggage. Arjun had his own room but all of his important belongings were kept in his parent's room. 

After Arjun completed his packing. He looked towards Rhythm. Then, He extended his hand again like a landing base. 

Rhythm came over and swiftly landed upon his hand. He turned indigo. He gently placed him on his table. 

" We are going outside. So, You would be around many people or humans!. But don't be nervous. I will take care of you." 

He had a gentle smile on his face. He caressed his hand gently over his head. 

Rhythm nodded 

" Wait for me here I will be back, okay!" 

While he was walking outside his room. Arjun turned towards him. 

" Rhythm, you said I have 6 billion neurons… Perhaps you will be finding more inside his head. " 

Although it felt as if he was joking but there was a sense of worry in his voice and in his every action. 

' Arjun, aren't you saying too much about neurons… better study  or you will be writing a whole book on them.' 

He mumbled inside his head. 

Arjun left the room with his thoughts rolling inside his head. He went to look for his aunt. 

He changed into black trousers and a white T-shirt and sky blue shirt. These were selected by his aunt. 

They both were ready. Arjun's father had already sent his car. Mary was going to drop him. 

He went to his room, checked if he had packed everything he needed. He then took his backpack and asked Rhythm to stay on his shoulder. 

Meanwhile, Mary had already settled the luggage inside the car. 

She was sitting at the driving seat and Arjun sat next to her. 

They were ready to leave. 

Rithvik's home was in the main city. As they have been residing in the outskirts. They would be crossing half of the city while reaching their home. 

As the car started. Rhythm came over to the window that was right in front of him. He turned blue. He kept watching outside as everything passed by. It was obvious that many questions were running inside his head. 

Arjun was relieved to see him back in his form. 

He felt sorry, for dragging his little friend along into the situation. They haven't even completed a single day since he brought him to his home. He wanted to know more about his friend. He wanted to teach him many things. But, right now he can't do anything about it. 

' I was really worried about your Rhythm When your light suddenly became dim. I still don't know about it. I am afraid, I don't think that I will open that app ever again. I don't think that I will be able to take you back to the forest area even if you urge '.

He was thinking about everything he could in his regard. He was contemplating on whether to hide him from Ritvik or tell him the truth. If he will hide him then, how will he be able to do so? He didn't think about these things before. 

Meanwhile, Rhythm was also thinking about many things. He did like the view that was going past him. However, his thoughts took him back in time. 

In Fact, he himself had no plans to return to the forest area. For as long as he can remember he was stuck within that area. Aside from this fact. He was wondering if Arjun would leave him back. Truth was, he always felt that he was very different from other atoms. He felt he was weak among them. Atoms have always been a perennial source of energy. He never saw anyone going weak. But he has gone through many recovery processes. Although he recovered naturally he never understood why those things had only happened to him. Other than that, He had an ability to interact with every stage of life evolution from the spectroscopy World of atoms to Microscopic World of bacteria to Macroscopic world of humans. 

This was not natural as he has only seen other atoms interacting at the spectroscopic level. More, he always felt distant from other atoms and molecules, where they were completely busy with their jobs. He on the other hand never had anything to do. He always thought it was because he was weaker than others. Moreover, it is true that he always felt afraid of humans. He had always felt familiar with some things and scared of others but he himself didn't know why he felt that way. 

But, things have changed a lot for him now. He never felt distant or afraid of Arjun. In fact, It was as if, his lonely world was granted with a blessing when he met him. 

When he thought of his last thought for a moment his light was very bright. 

" Aunt, let's pick some snacks or food along, what do you say?" 

It was Arjun who spoke up. 

" I agree, I was also thinking about it. There is a good shop at  the end of this corner." 

"Let's stop by its side." 

Mary said while bringing his car towards the shop. She stopped the car and went to pick up the food from the shop. 


Rhythm looked over to Arjun as if he was asking why the car stopped. But to his surprise, Arjun had many other things to tell him. 

" Rhythm, we are going to meet Rithvik and after much thought, I have decided to tell him  truthfully in your regard." 

Rhythm turned purple. 

" I have tried to hide things from him before but I never succeeded you know." 

Arjun thought about all the mischiefs he has done before and how he was caught by him every time. 

Rthvik was a few months older than him. He was always like an older brother to him. 

" That way, I will be able to protect you from others. "

Arjun had concern in every word. 

Rhythm didn't know what to respond. Arjun tried to anticipate his response. It was as if Rhythm was saying to continue. 

Arjun continued... 

"A few years back, My father and Rithvik's father were working in the same company ' Sterlite Electronics'. Everything was fine. Until one day, an accident occurred while they were both addressing things at the factory site. Fortunately, no one died, But many were injured. It also resulted in some financial loss. 

Where the Company should have taken the responsibility, they poured whole blame on my father. My father was head of the project, but it was a natural accident. 

It was uncle Aarav who helped my father in collecting proofs and proving his innocence. It was only him, who helped him. "

 Arjun still remembers about the things everyone went through during that time. He sighed heavily. 

" So, you know Rhythm it is an evil company. They have a history of putting lives online to save their stardom and escape from their responsibility. "

It was during this time that I met  Ritvik for the very first time. 

Although during that time I didn't understand the situation.  But I was watching my parents, their worries. I didn't know what to answer if anyone asks in regard to my father. Certainly, I become distant to others. "

" It was during this time that the most silent person of the class took me to his place. I still remember how he always took a stand for me. "

"  Time has turned towards us this time. I won't back off, no matter the situation. "

" We will definitely find the true culprit behind all this. "

" Will you help me Rhythm?"

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He is a atom??
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Is rhythm the smallest atom? Haha.. Or a quirk?

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