Hidden door to The Microscopic World

Hidden door to The Microscopic World

By:  Starlight  Ongoing
Language: English
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Our world, our home planet Earth had been our realm for so many years and yet it had been so little construed. Our world had been the most diverse and most beautiful and most precious and also the most mysterious than any other planet in the universe.Despite spending so many years we hardly understand it.Sometimes not alone our experiences but our way to perceive them can make all the difference.There are many experts and high technologies all around the globe who have dedicated their lives to decipher the code of the universe but what if out of everyone the universe opened up one of its secrets to a little soul who has just started blooming.What will it bring to this little soul and what will happen to this secret?What will happen when everything they thought to be textbook become happenings before the eyes of these little souls?The credit of the cover of the book belongs to the actual owner. I found the picture of the cover on Pinterest.Rest I hope you can give this story a try.I hope you will like it.

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Some people just have really beautiful imaginations. Wonderful work. something to relax your mind.
2021-01-17 22:33:41
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This book is like a box filled with cute imagination, unique plot and sci-fi elements. I really enjoyed reading this fun lighthearted sci-fi. Everyone should give this one a try. Keep up the good work, author.
2020-12-27 11:01:08
user avatar
Amazing book with beautiful description. I can't wait to see more of your story.
2020-11-23 21:11:48
user avatar
I am very excited about this. It almost hyped me. A good setting and interpretation of the world like wholesome. I like your writing style. ?? I want it.
2020-11-02 22:10:59
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this is amazing. The theme of the story is very unique and interesting. Everyone must read it! ???
2020-10-26 06:43:35
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I already read this book and I can say this is a unique story and different from the usual story we read. I like the story and the characters, the mysteries, and friendship. Keep It up, author. I will be supporting you on this. Keep writing.
2020-09-30 18:38:01
default avatar
Brian Wright
Snot very good
2021-11-03 01:16:16
25 Chapters
Prologue - Before Everything Begins
Our world, our home planet Earth had been our realm for so many years and yet it had been so little construed. Our world had been the most diverse and most beautiful and most precious and also the most mysterious in all of its prospects than any other planet in the universe.Yet, Most of our lives walk through the most ordinary and exceptional roads where we look for a better life, jobs, money etc. But, Our childhood had been different. Those years had been the place where all the stories we read and watch were real to us and we always hoped them to turn out true. Then what it would be like crossing path with one of the secrets of the Universe which didn't belong to any story that we read before or watched before. How things would have changed for our precious childhood?We remember how most of us disliked putting our minds into subjective textbooks so what would have been like watching them as real happenings?Sometimes not alone our experiences but our wa
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Chapter-1 Today We are Definitely Done
Arjun's home Click... dash…. '' Ah, where are these sounds coming from ". It was 6. 30 in the morning. Arjun was denying that he was hearing any sounds but after a while, he remembers..." oh"' Today is the first day of school." Is it mum, oh noooo'  He opened his eyes, sat on his bed and he got it. His father was standing by the corner of bed like a culprit. And he saw his mother near open cupboard.'' Rudhir, you are the manager of the company, do you even know what is management ". Then she looked towards Arjun.'' Arjun, you are up too, don't you know your school is resuming today''.'' You both are definitely father and son, nobody knows how to place things in their right place ''. " Rudhir, I really don't understand why is it so difficult to choose office cloth
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Chapter-2 Blue Sky
At school Arjun felt a little assured. As the Assembly is over, now at least he won't have to be embarrassed before others. He was approaching his class but, his principal caught him.'' Arjun, late again."" Come to the office right away ". Arjun thought in his mind..' Ahhh! if I would have been 5min later, I would not have been discovered. Can't that busy square could've kept us more engaged. No, if only I would have been little slow, Ahh nothing now, Arjun be ready'. Arjun followed his principal to her office. '' May I come in..Mam. "'' Yes, so What excuse do you have today?.'' The principal of his school knew almost everyone in the school ,be it a teacher or a student or any other person. She has been very efficient at her work. '' Amm mm, We got stuck in traffic…. Mam ''.&
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Chapter-3 I am really very hungry
Arjun looked around to find his aunt, he had recognized her voice but he was unable to find her anywhere. ' Aunt probably turned the wrong way.' Meanwhile.. " Caught you…. But.. , hey.. where am i now?" While RH18 was trying to catch his electron, he too went inside the mobile cover, with the chip.He thought.. ' But, which surface can bind me'. Then he came out, proudly through the cover. He flew towards Arjun, who was trying to look for his aunt. Arjun got startled . He realized, he was.. actually hearing the little light dot that was going all around him. The little light dot came towards his head and sat there. '' 7 billion neurons, a human! '' Listening to him, Arjun smiled. '' Ohh, I haven't heard su
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Chapter-4 Proxima Centauri
'Hey Rhythm, I know you are enjoying it inside. But please come out. I am really very hungry.'  'How will i be able to have my lunch knowing you are inside?'   Arjun was having his lunch with potatoes and his eyes were fixed upon the curry.  Finally Rhythm came out.  Arjun sighed with relief. This time Rhythm sat on the table besides Arjun. Things have changed for him. Just an hour before he was free to go inside or outside things that were around him. He always liked to play around. But now for the first time his actions were affecting someone.The lesson that comes to him this way is 'carefulness'. This is an important lesson for him.   Barriers in our life on one hand  put limitations on ourselves on the other hand gives us direction.  As for Arjun, he was happy to see Rhythm
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Chapter-5 Dumbo18
On opening up his phone, He tried to see if anything had changed inside. But he was unable to find anything and then his attention went to an app. He remembered  that it was not something that was downloaded by him and it was entitled ' PROXIMA CENTAURI '." Proxima Centauri, If I remember correctly then it is the nearest Star to Earth." Rhythm came over Arjun's shoulder. And he watched as Arjun clicked on the app. It opened up to show many many portals. The title of these portals seems to be in another language. However, he randomly clicked on these portals one after the other. All these portals consist of many tools. Arjun had absolutely no idea what they were about. But he was able to recognize one portal. So he stopped there. 'This portal seems to be a programming portal. 'He thought. Arjun's mother was a software engineer so he knew som
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Chapter-6 When the time turned towards us
After Arjun left, Mary decided to inform his parents in this regard. As she had expected, His parents agreed on Arjun's decision. As this was the least they can do. Meanwhile, Arjun came to his room and Rhythm followed him along. He was occupied with his thoughts and was completely busy in picking things up and putting them in his backpack. These things include books, helicopter, marbles, bottle spray etc. Rhythm kept watching him. He knew something had happened but he waited for him to explain.  In the other room, Mary was busy packing his luggage. Arjun had his own room but all of his important belongings were kept in his parent's room. After Arjun completed his packing. He looked towards Rhythm. Then, He extended his hand again like a landing base. Rhythm came over and swiftly landed upon his hand. He turned indigo. He gently pla
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Chapter-7 This is how you can handle him
" This incident affected my father greatly, Although everything sorted out in the end; he changed his job and came to management. My mother started working too." " If we didn't stop them, who knows how many more  people will suffer " Arjun signed heavily and worriedly, As it had been very difficult for him to accept these situations. He never understood how someone could harm others.Rhythm didn't know what to reply. It was as if he was scratching his head, but he must say something.So, In the next moment, he swirled around Arjun. As he swirled around him, A blue light traced its path. Arjun blinked his eyes twice. It took him a few seconds to realize what happened just now. It was definitely a yes from him. He was both surprised and rejoiced inside. At this moment it was as if he forgot about everything. " Rhythm one more time. Please.."&nbs
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Chapter-8 Isn't it amazing to have him around
Arjun too stood up, he held him on his shoulders and pushed him on his bed back.  Ritvik got startled by his sudden action.  " I want to introduce you to someone."  Arjun replied to him, meeting his questioning look.  " Meet Rhythm " Arjun directed his gaze towards Rhythm who had been sitting by the window while they had been busy with their conversation.  Ritvik looked over. He felt something passed by his eyes. But he was only seeing curtains that have been enveloping the windows.  Rithvik's room was like Arjun's room in terms of size and architecture. His room was elegant in its own way. As the room had cream coloured walls which complemented with dark brown curtains that were enveloping two big windows. There was one window by the side of his bed. There was a small lamp on his study table. His bed was wid
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Chapter-9 Are they asleep?
" Maa, Dad, I wanted to ask you…."  Arjun heard his voice as he passed by their room. He went back to Rithvik's room.  As he opened the door. Rhythm was right there in front of him. Probably he was waiting for him to be back.  Arjun got a little surprised as Rhythm flew over his shoulder.  "Did you miss me already?" He asked him with his pleasant smile.  " No"  Rhythm replied to him looking towards the other direction.  Then Arjun sat on Rithvik's bed.  He extended his index finger. Rhythm flew over on tip of his finger.  Arjun fixed his gaze over him.  " No doubt, you can amaze anyone."  He always felt a little mesmerized as he looked over at him.  
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