Chapter-8 Isn't it amazing to have him around

Arjun too stood up, he held him on his shoulders and pushed him on his bed back. 

Ritvik got startled by his sudden action. 

" I want to introduce you to someone." 

Arjun replied to him, meeting his questioning look. 

" Meet Rhythm "

Arjun directed his gaze towards Rhythm who had been sitting by the window while they had been busy with their conversation. 

Ritvik looked over. He felt something passed by his eyes. But he was only seeing curtains that have been enveloping the windows. 

Rithvik's room was like Arjun's room in terms of size and architecture. His room was elegant in its own way. As the room had cream coloured walls which complemented with dark brown curtains that were enveloping two big windows. There was one window by the side of his bed. There was a small lamp on his study table. His bed was wide enough to fit three people. It was covered with a plain bedsheet with simple and elegant design and there was a cupboard by the side of his personal bathroom. 

Ritvik hadn't heard anything about anyone else joining them from his mother. He didn't know what Arjun was trying to show him. 

Is he tricking him again? He decided to get along with his trick. 

" Ook… Your friend… Is he joining us today." 

" Yes, Isn't it great to have him around." 

Arjun replied. He wondered if Ritvik was not amazed seeing Rhythm. 

Whereas Ritvik was more confused hearing his reply. He smiled awkwardly. 

' Is he seeing things? Maybe a ghost..No No…. It is not possible.' 

His expressions changed from being confused to be surprised. His eyes went over the whole room. But he was unable to find anything. Then instead of searching around, he averted his eyes towards the ground. 

' Is this friend of him a tortoise like before?'

Arjun was enjoying watching him. He understood Ritvik was unable to find Rhythm. 

While searching on the ground. 

" Your friend..what is it this

 time? "

"An atom" Arjun replied 

At this Ritvik patience has given up. He looked over him only to find him laughing. 

He knew it. He felt he was tricked again. 

He was looking at him with anger.

" Shouldn't you use your senses even if you are tricking someone?" 

But before he could say anything further. 

Arjun held his hand. 

"Rhythm come over here." 

Rhythm was flying all around the room but as he heard him. He came over Rithvik's palm. 

Ritvik was amazed to see him. 

A tiny light dot was sitting peacefully over his hand. He realized Arjun was not tricking him. His eyes were fixed upon purple bright light. 

Feeling his fixed gaze Rhythm couldn't restrain him anymore he lifted off from his palm. He went over to Arjun's shoulder. 

"So Right... I guess my senses are working fine." 

Arjun said with amusement. 

Ritvik felt sorry. He felt if he hadn't scared Rhythm. He wondered if the tiny light dot can really speak. He wondered if he could understand him. 

However, He could see Rhythm getting along well with Arjun. He wondered if he could also get along well with him. He hoped if he hadn't messed things up. He had so many questions running in his mind. 

" When did you find him?" 

" This afternoon. "

Ritvik extended his hand, he hoped for Rhythm to come over his palm. 

Seeing him Arjun asked Rhythm. 

" Try going over his palm one more time. Probably he won't  scare you again." 

he giggled a little. 

Rhythm turned purple and he didn't want to go but on Arjun's insistence, he went over his palm again. 

" Do you know me?" 

Ritvik asked him. He presumed that Arjun had already told about him. He wished to hear his voice. 

 To his surprise, Rhythm turned Blue. 

Arjun also felt a little amused. 

Before Ritvik could say anything. He went back to Arjun's shoulder. 

" Hey what happened? He was only asking you if you know him." 

Arjun asked Rhythm. 

 Rhythm turned back purple. 

" Ook... Yes, I know a little about him as I heard from you." 

" Were you unable to understand what he said just now?" 

Arjun asked him. 

" Yes, I didn't... "

Arjun was also surprised at this. He didn't expect that Rhythm was only able to understand him.

He didn't know about this. 

But then he felt that this is only good for his safety. 

He saw Ritvik. 

Ritvik felt a little upset. He also wanted to talk to him. 

He wondered if he would be able to do that someday. 

Feeling an awkward atmosphere engulfing the room. Arjun tried to turn the conversation. 

" We still have to serve the snacks. I guess Uncle Arav and Aunt Smita must be waiting." 

Arjun went towards the bookshelf that was placed by the side of Rithvik's study table. It had many showpieces that were placed above it. 

He looked towards Rhythm. Indicating him to find his favourite piece. 

Rhythm jumped over the camel. He looked over Ritvik, Indicating him to go outside. 

" Rhythm you stay here, we will be back soon." 

Rhythm agreed. 

Soon, they both left the room. 

Arjun slowly closed the door as he left the room. 

Ritvik went straight to the kitchen. He began unpacking the snacks that were brought by Arjun. To his surprise, the snacks were sufficient as their dinner. 

He smiled pleasingly understanding Aunt Mary's intention. 

" About that earlier, With little time he will get along well with you too." 

Arjun came into the kitchen. 

" I understand that, don't worry." 

Ritvik replied as he finished the plating. 

However, both had the same question in mind. Whether Rhythm can really understand Ritvik 

" First thing first, take this to Maa and Dad." 

" sure" 

Arjun took the plates in his hands. 

He knocked on Rithvik's parent's room. 

He found his uncle had just closed the laptop. While his aunt was organizing the cupboard. 

His uncle greeted him with his usual gracefulness. Seeing Arjun his aunt also closed her work. 

" Arjun how is everyone at your home ?" 

" Everyone is fine uncle." 

"These are for both of you." 

They couldn't deny his request. 

They both looked over at each other and smiled a little. 

Arjun noticed his uncle. His uncle was calm and composed. 

Arjun felt to be calm and composed like him. Alike his father, his uncle was also his inspiration. 

However, he felt someone should learn something from his father. 

He averted his gaze towards Ritvik. 

Ritvik indicated him to go back to his room. 

Arjun compiled with him. 

" Maa, Dad I wanted to ask you…." 

Arjun heard his voice as he passed by their room. 

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