Chapter 12

Savannah had named the cat as Carrie. She didn't know why she did it, but the name just sounded right to her. It was sounded almost like Carrick, her male british short-hair cat.

Carrick was the sweetest cat ever. He had been with her since two years ago. The ball of fur had already been with her in her darkest day, often attempting to reassure his owner and offered his body to be a pillow. Savannah would took the offer, sobbing into the fur.

Sure, from outside she looked like a violent, crazy, and strong woman. She didn't like showing her vurnerable side to anyone, even her own family. That was why Carrick like a best friend to her.

As of now, Savannah was rubbing her temples in frustration. The two cats sure loved to fight. A vase had already broken. Aa well as a few plates and glass. Her things were scattered everywhere.

If Grandma saw this, surely Savannah would be the one responsible to take car

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