A Dangerous Atrophy

A Dangerous Atrophy

By:  Qi River's Old Stream  Completed
Language: English
1952 ratings
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Rosaline died, and Sean personally put Jane into the women's prison for it. "Take good care of her"— his words made her three years in prison a living hell and even cost her a kidney. Before she went to prison, Jane said, "I didn't kill her," but Sean was unmoved. After her release from prison, she said, "I killed Rosaline, I'm guilty as sin!" Sean was livid as he said, "Shut up! I don't want to hear you say that!" Jane laughed. "Yes, I killed Rosaline Summers, and I did three years in prison for it." She escaped, and Sean scoured the whole world for her. Sean said, "I'll give you my kidney, Jane, if you'll give me your heart." But Jane looked up at Sean and said, "I don't love you anymore, Sean…"

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Lair El Greco
Hands down. Kudos to the author! I cried buckets from beginning to end. Definitely not your walk to the theme park kind of love. It shows you that love comes in different shape and form, not just lip service. It's heavy but no regrets. Wish the sexy scenes could be a little more elaborate, though.
2022-12-24 05:26:29
user avatar
Jo Ziane
not Bad...
2022-08-28 09:27:31
default avatar
ok, just finished reading. it's an engaging story.. though i prefer more tragic end, like Jane died and leave everyone in regrets and despair...LOL. also would like to know if Jason Dunn died or survived and what happened to Susie Thompson, Hyden etc.
2022-08-08 00:35:16
user avatar
Maria Eugenia
2022-05-17 22:01:30
user avatar
Joyce Carlson
sad but realistic but interesting enough
2022-05-17 03:24:51
default avatar
Rem Kamaruddin
It’s a good story but I hated that Jane’s character is so wooden. It’s just too much
2022-03-30 22:25:13
user avatar
Lucia Love
I love the story but her suffering was too much, it became too painful to read. Finally, I skipped to the end.
2022-03-23 20:50:57
default avatar
Grace Sean
Very nice story
2021-12-24 10:37:44
user avatar
Shiva Kumar
is there any other book from this author???
2021-11-19 01:11:08
default avatar
Nice story, and a heartbreak ending (nearly cried at the end...)
2021-11-03 03:19:03
user avatar
Love this book and love how strong Jane was throughout.
2021-10-08 18:56:17
user avatar
Jessica Kemp
Absolutely love this very good book
2021-08-05 09:25:55
user avatar
Khadijah Johnson
I love this book what an amazing read
2021-08-05 00:38:06
user avatar
Kelly Thu
Very interesting and good storyline. Bravo!
2021-07-31 08:11:13
user avatar
Halwa Bidari
good story
2021-07-30 07:56:31
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656 Chapters
Chapter 1
"It wasn’t me. You gotta believe me!” Jane Dunn stared stubbornly at the person in the car. The roaring rain had splashed across the car window, but she could still vaguely see that cold hard face beyond the wet window. Jane’s body shook as she stood outside the door, shouting at him past the car window, “Sean! At least hear me out!”The car door opened suddenly, but before Jane could rejoice, she was yanked into the car ruthlessly. She fell onto his body, instantly drenching his crisp white sh
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Chapter 2
However, was she really going to get that chance?Could she really explain herself?Also… would anyone really believe her?The rain grew heavier, without stopping for even a second. …The night passed.Jane remained kneeling outside Stewart Manor amidst the torrential rain.The rain drenched her dress. She had been kneeling outside for the entire night.Dawn had finally broken, and the manor finally came back to life after a night of silence. The old silver-haired butler walked out of t
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Chapter 3
Jane held up her body, which was chilled to the bone. She got to her feet, staggering, but as soon as she stood up, her numb legs gave way under her, and she fell hard onto the asphalt road, butt-first. She gave herself a cynical smile… 'Why weren't you the one who died?'That did sound like something that man would say. Jane smiled, but it looked even worse than a grimace. "Rosaline, oh, Rosaline… Your death made me public enemy number one."On the second floor of Stewart Manor, a man stood t
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Chapter 4
There was a hint of surprise in Sean's eyes… Was she trying so hard to maintain her dignity even at a time like this?Then again, she was Jane Dunn, after all. This woman had always been pompous and prideful, such that even his rejection of her confession barely left a dent on her.Sean abruptly grabbed her delicate chin. "Mgh… Ow!" The hand on her chin was like a pair of metal pliers, the force on her chin threatening to shatter it. It hurt so badly that tears welled in Jane's eyes. Howev
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Chapter 5
She stopped screaming, letting these people kick and punch her as they liked, accompanied by their gleeful laughter.She pleaded for help not because she was afraid of the pain and the beating, but because she trusted in that tiniest bit of hope and fantasy she had left. After the women grew tired of beating her up, they crawled into their own beds and went to sleep.Jane was curled up on the floor in agony, her tears flowing out of the corner of her eyes and smearing dirt all over her face.
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Chapter 6
Three years laterThe gates to the S City Women’s Prison opened, and soon a woman walked out of them slowly.She was ridiculously thin. Although she was wearing the same white dress she wore when she entered the prison three years ago, it now looked like a sack when worn over her shoulders.She walked very slowly, taking one step at a time as she headed toward the counter more than a hundred meters away. She held a black plastic bag that contained thirty-one bucks and fifty cents, as well as
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Chapter 7
“I’m here to be a cleaner.”The hoarse voice spoke up dully in the tiny office, successfully stopping the woman in her tracks. She paused and turned around, raising a brow as she appraised Jane from head to toe again. Suspiciously, she said, “I’ve never seen a woman in her twenties willing to lower her head and take the tough job of a cleaner.”Even the youngest cleaning lady they had here was in her forties. This girl may have a scar on her forehead and a stick-thin body, but she was still on
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Chapter 8
It had been three months since Jane started working at East Emperor.When night fell, this ridiculously busy city would light up with hypnotizing neon lights.Jane had just cleaned up a drunk lady’s vomit. Although she moved slowly, she worked efficiently. After that, she lit up some fragrant incense and left it in the corner.The mop she was holding cleaned up each individual cubicle in the toilet, and then she arrived at the last cubicle at the very back. This was where she kept her cleanin
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Chapter 9
Jane walked slowly, climbing the stairs one at a time. She was a little tired by the time she reached halfway up the fifth floor, so she stopped on the landing for a rest. That was when she heard a noise… Jane’s heart thumped and she looked up to see a man embracing a woman around the corner, their movements hot and heavy.From where she stood, she could see the woman’s back and half of the man’s side profile.She inwardly cursed her luck. What a thing to encounter. She was about to leave stea
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Chapter 10
Jane’s heart was still pounding, but before she could feel relieved, she suddenly realized that a man she did not know had his arm around her waist intimately.“Aaaah…” Jane panicked. All her life, the only man who had hugged her so intimately was her older brother. No one else had touched her like this before, not even… him.Haydn Soros’ expression darkened, and he reached out his other hand, clamping it across Jane’s mouth. “Shut up! What’s with all that yelling? You’re so weird, woman! Most
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