Two: Not again



The sun that passed through the small opening of the curtain, teased my eyes, slowly pulling me from my fantasy. My dream. I heard the faint sound of something. And the sound mixing with the disturbing sun, was definitely a great inconvenience to my sleep. 

Ah, shit, Bella must have forgotten to lock the windows properly. What did she ever do right? Woah, that wasn't the important thing. The important thing was, what was that faint sound?

 Oh, no! The alarm!

Conscious, I tossed the pillow that was over my ear, sat up straight. Moving my eyes to the bedside alarm, I gasped. It was eight already! My class was in only thirty minutes!

Frowning, I leaped from my bed, hurried to Bella's. 

"Sleepy head!" I tapped her arm. She moved lazily on the bed, ignored me, only throwing a pillow over her head. Was I surprised by that? Definitely not. Of the four girls in my dorm, Bella was the least responsible one. She hardly cared about going to classes. Well, she claimed her dad forced her to study at the University, so she truly never liked studying here. 

"Just go 'way," she mumbled. 

I sighed, played my fingers into my tousled hair, turned to Virginia. To my surprise, she was asleep as well. Virginia was the nerdy and most responsible one here. So why the heck was she still asleep? 

"Virginia!" I slapped her butt. Immediately, she sat straight, her eyes bulged open. "It's eight! We're gonna be late for class."

"Oh my gosh!" She jumped from her bed, slipped on her fluffy slippers. Grabbing her glasses, she turned to me, trying to arrange her rough hair back to its normal form. "Jeez, what happened to my alarm? I was supposed to be up an hour ago," she said. 

I shrugged. "I know nothing about that, do I? Instead of lamenting, just go to the bathroom first."

"Sure!" She ran to the wardrobe, took her towel, and walked into the bathroom. 

I sighed. I should've come to her first, instead of Bella. Turning to my last roomie, Barbara, I heaved another deep sigh. Waking them up was an absolute tough task. 

"Barb?" I slowly tapped her arm. Since she was a year ahead of Virginia, Bella and I, it wasn't so important to wake her up. But, I still had to do it. If I didn't wake her up right now, she'd only end up getting to class late, as a result of oversleeping. 

"What?" That came out straight, just as she laid straight like a… corpse. She widened her eyes, blinked like a confused person. Was this one of her panic attacks or something?

She rolled her eyes like she was giddy, bit her lower lip. Oops, this was quite scary. 

I chuckled nervously. "Barbara, are you fine?"

Again, she blinked. Three times. Gasping, she sat straight. "What?!" She stared comprehensively at me, tossed her duvet violently, sprung from her bed. "Ah, no! Is it ten already?"

I shook my head. I guessed she was back to being dramatic. 

"Oh, no!" She began to yank her hair, squeezing her face like a child who was gonna cry. "I should've known that crazy work out would make me oversleep. This is all Bella's fault."

"Girl, girl." I tapped her arm, trying to be careful. "Bella didn't do anything here. Instead of bla—"

"You had better not try to defend her." She pointed a finger at me, squinted her eyes. "She asked me to do an exercise, so this is her fault."

"Alright," I agreed, knowing fully well that that little thing could lead to a crazy argument. "I just need you to not be late."

"Good." She smirked, walked past me. 

Weirdo, I thought. 

I walked to Bella's bed, ready to do something crazy. Clearing my throat, I straightened my arms, grabbed a pillow from my bed, turned to her. 

"Bella!" I cried, hitting her with my pillow. "Get up now! Someone's been murdered."

She gasped, jumped from the bed, blinked about twenty to forty times. "Wh-Who's been murdered?"

I tried biting my laugh, but that definitely didn't work. I only ended up bursting out laughing. 

"No one's been murdered." I threw the pillow at her, began to arrange my bed. "Just go and get ready for class. We've got thirty minutes."

"Oh, shit," she muttered. About to turn to her, I felt something drop on my butt. Gosh, did she just hit my butt? 

Glaring, I turned to her, only to see her glaring harder. "Jeez, girl. There was no other way to wake you up. Why hit me?"

She folded her arms across her chest, scoffed. "You know I don't like going to school. What's your probs? My sleep is way important than a damn class."

"Really?" I cocked a brow at her, sneered. "Well, it's not even my problem. I don't have a dad to force me to do what I don't wanna."

She hissed, starting to arrange her bed as well. "You know I don't like being teased for that shit. And besides, I've got one year left. My present grade is sufficient for me to get a job."

I chuckled, and ignored her prattle. 

"Ah!" Hearing that voice, I turned around to the direction of the voice. Seeing Barb storming out of the bathroom, a “Oops” left my mouth. I had forgotten to tell her Virg was in there. 

"Oh, Barb." I chuckled anxiously as she stormed in my direction, her gunmetal blue eyes shooting hard scowls at me. 

As soon as she stood in front of me, she scorned, and threw a small punch against my arm. "Seriously?!" She cried. "Why didn't you tell me Virg was in there? And jeez…" she scrunched her straight nose. "How're we all gonna use that bathroom? That place smells like cow dung. What did Virg eat last night?"

"Woohoo!" Bella threw her arms in the air, sank into her comfy bed. "Good for me, I can sleep a little longer." She yawned. "And, when y'all are done, wake me up."

I turned back to Barb, and shook my head. "She's crazy," I remarked. 

Barb shrugged, and raised her eyebrows. "Is she?" 

Slowly, she began to move towards her bed. And before I could even mention a word, she threw her body into her bed, flung her duvet over her body.

I dropped my mouth, moved my lips, but said nothing. So my effort to wake them up was in vain? They were gonna sleep back? Fed up, I sat on the bed, hit my palm against my forehead, exhaled. My roommates were ever a case. 

Or wait, should I just sleep too? 


Virginia sighed for the one millionth time. This was the first time in this semester since she followed us to school, and I could tell she really hated it. Well, I expected that already. She wasn't a great talker, so walking to school with a person like Barb, could make her go dizzy. 

"Alright guys." A fake smile plastered on her lips, as she hopped in front of Bella, Barb and I. Wearing her glasses properly, she tugged her big textbooks closer to her chest. "I guess I'll go to class alone. You guys are walking too slow, and also, I've gotta see someone now."

I nodded, but Bella scoffed. "Just get your ass off here. We know you aren't comfortable with our conversation," she uttered. 

"No, no." Virginia shook her head, smiled warmly. "I mean, yeah. But that's fully not it. I've really gotta—"

"Just go," Barb said. "That smile's not gonna get me. I know you're—"

"Stop!" I cut her off, frowning. They didn't understand that Virg was different from us all. She liked to do her things privately, and she liked to stay or walk alone. 

"What?" Bella wiggled her fingers, rolled her eyes. "I'd admit, Barb's right. Virginia's always—"

"Virg." I turned to Virginia, soothed her arm. "Just go. It's not a problem at all."

"Thanks for understanding." She glimpsed at Bella and Barb, frowned slightly at them. "Not like some people who think everyone should be like them."

With that, she walked away, took a turn to the other hallway. I just shook my head, squirmed my neck to Bella and Barb. 

"Guys." I dropped my hands on my waist, ready to lecture them. "You really should learn to understand her. We've all been friends for two years, but you guys still don't—"

"Oh! See a cow!" Barbara exclaimed as she pointed at something, ran somewhere. Confused, my eyes followed her movement. About to reach the end of the hallway, she turned around to look at us, winked. "Bye!" 

Oh, yeah. She wasn't in for a scold, so she just had to be dramatic again. 

I ran my palm through my face. And when I turned to Bella, I only saw a locker. She was also gone. What was wrong with these people? I scrolled my eyes around, in search of her. But, she had completely disappeared. 

My phone beeped, indicating a message notification. Taking it from the pocket of my jacket, I shook my head on seeing it was a message from Bella. 

“I’d rather go to class than listen to your boring lecture. *winks,” she texted. 

I shook my head, and sighed. My best friends were one crazy people. 

Dropping my phone back into my pocket, I turned around, but that was when my head decided to hit something. Ah! What was wrong with today? 

Rubbing off the little pain on my forehead, I slowly opened my eyes. And seeing this hot dude, a lump grew in my throat. Ah, jeez, Roy Everett. Not again. 

"Hey, pretty." His pink lips curled up in a gentle smile, ice blue eyes beaming cuteness at me. 

Woops. He called me pretty? Roy Everett called me pretty? I thought he had been drunk when he had asked me for a hookup. But now, he was definitely not drunk. Was this a dream? 

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