10. He Put A Ring On It.

"Pidge? Pidge?" Mrs Willow walked by, her hands flatten in the air as she looked around trying to find one specific figure.

"Where is Pidge?" she asked the rest of the three girls who were busy eating.

"Oh, Mrs Willow...Pidge had an emergency," Winter blurted out.

Rosina and Lia eyed her sternly.

"What emergency?" Mrs Willow asked unaware.

"She...she..." Rosina had her mouth stuffed with cookies when she could not speak properly.

"The old lady she lives with called her in an emergency as she thinks that the burglar is there to rob the house."

"What?" Rosina and Winter along with Mrs Willow said together.

"Yea didn't she told you guys?" Lia eyed them as if to say to agree with her and both of the girls quickly gave a nod.

"Let me call the police..." as soon as Mrs Willow turned to speak, Winter hushed her up by saying, "Oh, no...Mrs Willow. There is nothing she can't handle. If she will need anything she will call us or you..."

"But t
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