The Beast And The Blessed

The Beast And The Blessed

By:  Ashley Breanne  Ongoing
Language: English
130 ratings
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I thought I would be beaten and broken forever. It was the curse of not shifting. Without a wolf, I was no better than a human to my pack, an omega. I was there to serve and clean up after them. The only light in my life was my boyfriend, Jake. At least, he was until he decided to sleep with and mark my sister. When all hope was lost, and I was ready to make my escape, my life was turned upside down. The Lycan King was known to be cruel and heartless. He had slain thousands, ruled with an iron fist, and was now searching for his mate. Turns out, being a human was the least of my worries….

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Really liked the story. Although, I was hoping to have an epilogue for Cyrus. Especially after everything he went through.
2024-05-05 07:28:35
user avatar
Sympli Lovely
I read this book from start to finish. now that I want to go back and read it again, I'm locked out of it .. I feel utterly ripped off... will not spend that much money unlocking it again :-(
2024-04-08 09:08:21
default avatar
I hope they make this an audio book!!!! I love it so far, but I only have so much time to sit and read.
2024-01-12 13:05:26
user avatar
Angi Splawn
ABSOLUTELY WORTH THE TIME AND MONEY TO READ ALL CHAPTERS!! Great storyline and characters you fall in love with!
2023-12-13 06:18:23
default avatar
What a fabulous book!!! Loved the ups and downs along with the jokes mixed in. Left me feeling soo satisfied at the end!! I’ll miss them. Thank you author!
2023-11-26 04:59:27
user avatar
Enjoying this storyline the characters are interesting & everything is being brought together wait to see what happens next!
2023-11-25 03:17:21
user avatar
Just finished the first book and it's so good!!! I couldn't stop until I read it all. Now on to the 2nd book!!!
2023-11-10 05:17:07
user avatar
Vampie 🧛
Just started reading, I hope it worth my time.
2023-10-03 22:23:46
user avatar
Desiree Schlichtig
read the intro and am super excited to see Natalie and Killians story play out
2023-09-25 08:20:14
user avatar
Patricia Epapara
this book is awesome.
2023-08-20 05:23:03
default avatar
Still loving this book! All the author’s titles are excellent, but this one may be my favorite!!
2023-08-10 19:19:03
user avatar
This is a great story! I love the romance between the princess and her bear beast! The vampires will have their end between the King and his pack!
2023-08-07 09:03:55
user avatar
Amanda Minchella
I finished all available chapters I think in under a week. I can't wait for more. I also can't wait for it to be published in paperback, I'm hoping there's more in the books.
2023-07-31 05:53:43
default avatar
I’m currently on part 2 which is josie and Tobias but let me say I’m loving this more then anything else it just annoying having to wait the next day to read the chapter when it getting that good but I loved it especially with Killian and Natalie they were just THE BEST ......️......
2023-07-27 10:40:54
user avatar
Delinda Schumacher
212 chapters 7-25-23
2023-07-25 23:41:02
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594 Chapters
Chapter 0001
Natalie's P.O.V. I felt uneasy as soon as I entered the pack house. The way my pack mates were smirking at me, laughing behind their hands... I knew they were up to something. Their pranks and bullying had been getting worse and more painful each time they managed to get me alone. My bruises still
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Chapter 0002
Natalie's P.O.V. I pushed through the crowd, desperate to get away from everyone. This pack had beaten, bullied, and broken me over the past few years, and my only salvation was upstairs, cheating on me with my sister. Although, I guess he wasn't cheating anymore, nor was he mine. Now, he was just
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Chapter 0003
Natalie's P.O.V I could feel my heart breaking all over again the longer I stayed in the pack house the next morning. Haylee never came home last night, and I knew she was right upstairs, sleeping next to the man who claimed he loved me just two days ago. The man who had promised me forever. The
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Chapter 0004
Killian's P.O.V My lip curled at the weak wolf in front of me as he shook with fear at the border of the Red Moon pack. They used to be an impressive group for their kind, but over time they grew complacent. Their need to become stronger, bigger, and better vanished, and with it did my respect. I
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Chapter 0005
Natalie's P.O.V. I had never been so happy and terrified at the same time. The house was empty, and everything was free for the taking as I collected a bag with clothes, money, and food. Every few minutes, I would hear the creak of the house shifting or noise outside, and my heart would stop. I wa
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Chapter 0006
Natalie's P.O.V. A shiver of satisfaction rushed through me, but the feeling quickly passed as a drop of my pack mate's blood trickled from his grip on the top of my bag and landed on my neck. I tore my eyes away from his, not wanting to offend him further, only to have them land on the mutilated b
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Chapter 0007
Natalie's P.O.V. Several hours had passed before I had mustered up the courage to help myself to a shower. I was glad I had my get-a-way bag with me when I was taken from my pack. Clean clothes and a warm shower did wonders for me and my injured arm, and I was ready to test the limits of my new cap
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Chapter 0008
Killian’s P.O.V. She was here. She was safe. Finding her was no longer a problem. Yet, I couldn't get her off my mind. I kept thinking about the split in her lip and the bruises on her arm. I wanted to find whoever was responsible and end them for what they did to my mate. I was livid by the idea
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Chapter 0009
Natalie's P.O.V. It was a difficult thing, sleeping in a strange place. But it was the awe and excitement that came with the realization that things here would not be the same as they were in my old pack that kept me awake. Even if I was just a breeder, I would still be treated as the King's mate…
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Chapter 0010
Natalie's P.O.V. A loud knocking woke me from my dream of running through the forest in my fur, and I groaned as the memory of it vanished just as quickly. I knew what my dream was about, but once my eyes were open I couldn't picture it any longer. The sights, the smells, the feeling of it... it wa
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