Chapter 168

By the time backup arrived, and Rowena stabilized the Vampire whose heart were still beating after having her throat slit, I was utterly exhausted

The trick I did, somehow managing to control the otherworldly power that was known for being uncontrollable, left me with little to no energy and a raging case of cotton mouth.

Even worrying about Asher, which I’d been doing since the blood witch said he had problems of his own to deal with, sapped what little strength I had left.

As I swayed where I stood, staring down at the five lifeless bodies, the shadows watched from their hidden alcoves within the forest. Tristan stood nearby, his eyes flitting to my face every few seconds as though he were worried I’d topple over at any moment.

I sure felt like I was, but I’d never admit that.

Instead I frowned at the blood that watered the earth and thought about the words that the blood witch uttered.

“Make use of their blood…” I said quietly, lifting my gaze to peer at the darkness that surrounde
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Rafaella Vittoria
well pants and shoes would be nice, otherwise she'll be giving everyone a show and I don't think Asher would like that
goodnovel comment avatar
Danielle Richards
Thank you, to think it's only been about a month definitely does make sense
goodnovel comment avatar
Part of the problem is the timeline in the book is only about a month, but the updated have been so irregular and far apart it has taken months to get here. once the book is complete it will not feel like they are apart as much. If that makes sense.

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