Breyona & Giovanni

Breyona & Giovanni

Five Years Later – Breyona’s P.O.V.

I appeared in a plume of inky shadow, emerging from the darkness like I’d been there all along. If there were any humans nearby—which my hearing told me there wasn’t—they’d see nothing more than a lingering shadow dancing along the brick walls of the abandoned store front I lurked outside of.

This wasn’t my ideal hangout spot, but for whatever reason, this was where Freya had chosen to hide a bunch of magical texts and artifacts. I absolutely adored my job of traveling the country via shadows, collecting information that was thought to be lost among the witches.

It was similar to what my parents had done, a realization that never failed to bring tears to my eyes.

Even after all these years, I missed them so much.

I slinked along the back wall, past the rusted dumpsters that hadn’t been used in Goddess knows how long, to the backdoor Ember’s source promised would be unlocked. Sure enough, when I tugged the handle, it swung open wit
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That was great! Hopefully there’s more!?
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janet arthurs
I loved this book so much hoping it continues into an long book
goodnovel comment avatar
Author, I’m not sure if you even read the comments, but hopefully you do. I really wish you’d make this into a paperback book. I’d love to have it on my shelf!! Such hard work and well thought out story with characters I’ve come to absolutely love!! I’ll buy it in a heartbeat if you ever do <3

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